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Friday, December 5, 2008

My coffee's lacking creamer -- But, it's FWFD!!!

Well, it's quite a bit chilly out there this mornin'.  I'd say low 40's.  And, it isn't expected to get any higher than maybe a degree or two over 60.  And, possibly a tiny bit of drizzle.  Just enough to make you damp, cold, and your hair frizzle.
[I know those of y'all up North are freezin' your bleeps off and reading me and chuckling because this is spring time weather for y'all.  But, for us it's purty-darned code outside!
I realize to some of y'all, an average of 50 degrees during the day, is actually a pretty nice day.  I'm not acclimated that way.  Remember, I'm a Southern Gal and I like it HOT!
Farmer, Jr. is so cute.  He says, "code."  As, in, "Mama it's cooooode outside!" :-)  He also says cryon -- for crayon.  He's so Southern!  I just love the way he speaks.  Lil'Gal enunciates everything as in, Blank-e-let, and Fust-er-a-ted.  I *heart* her speak too.  :-)
So, I'm out of the all time fab coffee creamer.  I tried my powder back up.  And, some milk.  And, some sweetener.  :-(
No Bueno.  Ay Caramba.  No hay leche de cafe!  (That's a joke for the bilinguist Mommy who created Professor Pocket.  They sell bilingual music CDs for children to learn dual languages.)
Apparently, I'm rambling.  It's the coffee creamer thing.  But, everyone knows what day it is...
"What day is it???"
Farmer's Wife's Favorite Day!!!  Hip-Hip-Hooray!!
Happy Friday, Yee-alllllll!



Anonymous said...

It's not only FWFD, it's H-J's birthday!

Must bake cake... must shop for gift... must blog his "card."

Baseball Mom said...


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh goodness, THAT IS COLD and your hair might get frizzy? oh my! ;^)

Lis Garrett said...

It's a sad day around here when there's no cream. I feel your pain!

And I'm COLD. I've got on two pairs of socks, fleece pants, turtle neck, fleece vest, and wool sweater. You'd think all this extra weight on my lower half might insulate me a little. No such luck . . .

Jay said...

I don't mind the cold, but I hate it when it's cold and drizzling. It's just so depressing!

Maybe you should go to COSTCO and buy a whole year's supply of your favorite creamer. How many cases would that be? LOL

Prohomemaker.Com said...

LOL on your weather talk -- it's 74 here today and sunny as sin. Welcome to Christmas in California. :-) Thankfully, though, it is getting down to the high 50s at night, so it still feels chilly (at least for us) at night. :-)

tt said...

I don't really like the cold UNLESS there's some snow!!!! give me some snow and I'm a happy camper. That awful ice storm we had last year can stay gone too....but wee little white flakes...falling down making everything all purty...LOVE IT!!
Sending you warm thoughts and cocoa dreams....

Juggling Act said...

Ay caramba. I have to have my coffee creamer in the am too. Hubby hates the stuff, but I am addicted. Love the mention of PP in this post. Muchas gracias, Esposa del Granjero.