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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Something BIG is coming!! ;-) [Prizes?]

Something BIG is coming! And, I don't mean New Year's day or 2009. But, something big will happen on the 1st day of 2009! You'll have to make a note to the calendar to check back over here. "Will there be prizes? you ask. Well, there might possibly be! There is a possibility, a slim chance that Yes, there will be prizes! What's something BIG, without prizes or a GiveAway? there will be prizes. So, you will have to come back here on Thursday. But, don't wait until Thursday. You can still pop in from time to time today and tomorrow. To read what's happenin' in FW's world. Just be sure to also drop in on Thursday! Hang-Over, Hung-Under, or whatever state you find yourself in...check in! :-) Got ya' wondering now, don't I? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On another, unrelated note. Let me click out a few other things across the wide, white space of this posting place. Lil'Gal walks in yesterday morning (Farmer, Jr. had traded me places in the middle of the night) to find my in Farmer, Jr.'s room. She is excited to exclaim in a half whisper-shout that Santa Clause had left the box to her doll house behind!!! And, she found it hidden under her "Toy Story" blanket that had been previously "locked" in the computer office. GASP!!! DOUBLE GASP! How do I handle this??? Make a big deal? Pretend I didn't hear her? How did she GET IN THERE???? And, then I remember. DH was watching a show about Hitler and the Holocaust and I didn't find this to my sleep palette. I had planned to return to the computer room so it hadn't been locked since the children were already sleeping. But, then, I forgot and crawled into bed with DH who was going to change the channel but I don't think he ever did. I fell asleep. And, forgot to go back and lock the computer office. And, the first place Lil'Gal went? Into the open door to that room. Where she discovered the box "SANTA" left behind that DH forgot to slip out of there while the children were sleeping!! YIKES! Now had this been Farmer, Jr.? He would have had lots of questions and not been so easily fooled. However, Lil'Gal gave me her own explanation to which I strictly adhered and then tried to ignore/blow the whole thing off as if I wasn't surprised or disturbed. And, we agreed that the doll house was too large in built form to fit easily in Santa's bag or down the chimney so he must have stuck around long enough to put it together too. And, then I added to that, "Boy, I'm sure glad Santa didn't make Mama and Daddy have to build that thing! Then, it would have been awhile before you got to play with it!" We both sighed and I think the issue is over. Though, she noticed immediately when the box was no longer there. I noticed her looking around for it but neither she nor I said anything about it. WHEW!! Don't forget about Thursday! ;-D And, Happy Tues-Day before New Year's Eve!


C said...

LOL you saved that really fast didn't you?! I caught myself saying things about Santa in front of the girls that I shouldn't have this year...Next year I have to put a muzzle on myself I guess.

I won't be around Thursday until late *sniff, sniff* I guess I will be missing out.

Thanks again for the camera advice!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OK, you have me wondering!

Knight said...

Oh Jeez, that was a close one! It's probably more exciting for her now to think that Santa was in her home for that whole time and she was a smart enough detective to find something he left behind. She will forget all about it soon enough.

Juggling Act said...

That's a sweet story. So glad it was a non-issue and that my coffee mishap got you laughing. My husband keeps smirking and asking me if I want any coffee ;-) Will check back for the BIG news on the 1st.

Baseball Mom said...

Ok, Curious i am. :-)

Glad all worked out with lil'gal. (giggle)

Anonymous said...

Yep, good thing Santa didn't make YOU put that doll house together! hahaha
I guess he wanted to leave you the recycling job?

We have company returning tomorrow (they went away for a couple days of sightseeing) but I will try to get back on here and check in!!

BTW, please let Harry know that his site is still not fixed! I've tried about 6 times to comment there today, on different posts. I'm fully signed in on WordPress (it's my blog provider) and his site still doesn't like me and tells me I'm not providing the correct user ID. Maybe it only wants his??