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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Send some hugs...

So, after I type up my "all about me" blog post and all about how wonderific my life is -- I went on to read my blog roll and blog reads. 
There is this one Mom, a Mom to three children, who is totally juggling life....completely.  And, I read her and I want to help her and I want her to have the best and she deserves, if nothing else?  A few days a week just to spend with her children and quite possibly, just to sleep.
I've tried to send her to Root & Sprout because they have a group titled "WildFlowers" which would be a great place for her to share her knowledge, concerns, and all the rest that comes with parenting a Downs Syndrome child.  I know she can barely vent in her blog though, which is totally dedicated to her third, Lucian.  So she can share the story they are all living together.
Anyhow.  I want her to have a wonderful Holiday season.  And, I want her children to be able to enjoy more of her.  Though, I know there are so many Moms out there who are sacrificing everything for their children -- including time with their children -- just so they can give their children as much as possible.
So, she's my current stalk.  Go click the furry faced guy above.  Read her posts and her stories.  Send her some supportive comments.  And, maybe even follow along like I have.
She is a trooper.  So, please troop over to her place.  (Oh, and maybe check out a few of those ads she has there.  They are very interesting and they can help a Mom out too by following curiousity.)
GNight bloggies.  Happy Saturday Night.  
Happy Life.



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

and happy Sunday morning too! Wonderful of you to share this.

C said...

Happy day FW, hope you had a TeeRiffic Weekend!! xoxo

Dianne said...

you're such a sweet lady :)

Jennifer said...

you are such a great "blogger" friend to all of us!! :))