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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Incarcerated? Excuse me?

So.  SJ is going to be peeved with me for posting this probably.  Poor thing.  But, I just have to vent it.  Poor thing.
His job takes him out of state often and for weeks or longer at a time.   Most recently, he has been sent to Wyoming.  And, it's apparently cold and nothing 'a do as he doesn't know anyone there.  Maybe a coworker he meets at the site or something.  And, sometimes the company has him room up with another employee (which, from stories I've heard this isn't always wonderful either.  Imaginge rooming with a complete stranger for weeks on end.)
Anyhow.  My life has been booked by the minute and will continue to be that way until we get home from the school party tomorrow.  Speaking of which, I'm at the little local diner/eatery with the Wi-Fi waiting on the kids.  Since I drove all the way here to make lunch for the school today with WonderMom and another good, dependable School-Mom.  She made home-made tortillas for the meal!  YUM!
Back to the story at hand.  Daddy calls me last night.  I was working on an article that I insisted to myself I would finish and submit today so that Lis would have one less to worry about before the deadline.  The phone rings but the kids don't catch it in time.  My cell phone rings and I miss that call too.  I pick up both phones and see it's my Daddy.  So, I call him back.
Apparently, my brother has been incarcerated.  Yep.  Poor guy.  And, where he is -- is in the middle of the state and according to the people I've been speaking with -- there's no one around to be helpful.  I'm states away.  Daddy is states away.  Little Bro needs $$ to get him out so he can tend to his job.  It was a stupid thing.  Many of us have on occasion had an alcoholic beverage and then drove back to our current residence.
Yep.  They got him for drinking and driving.  He was not intoxicated.  Apparently, "under the influence."  He's a big guy and he's also responsible.   Who hasn't had a glass of wine with a meal at a restaurant and then driven home.  So, he's been stuck there.  In the -- I queeve as I say it -- jail.  Alone.  With the only phone call allowed having been to Dad.  Who, at the time was in the middle of hosting a Holiday party.
So, me and my Daddy have been dealing with these people and on the phone long distance trying to work it all out.  Talking to this person who says "nope, talk to this other person."  Who says, "Oh, sure...just call this so-and-so."  So-and-so says, "I have no clue what you are talking about.  You can drive to Wyoming though and we can work it out in person."  Grrr-diddly!  Daddy finally got it set from his end.  LilBro will get out tomorrow.  Then, he returns on Monday to see the judge.
I'm so frustrated for him.  He's a smart kid.  He's getting everything together.  He's up for a new fantastic job.  I so hope this little glitch doesn't interfere with his job.  It's just not fair.  And, again.  I know we should not indulge in alcoholic beverages and then drive a machine on the road with other people.  But, under the influence isn't the same as intoxicated.
We should not drink and operate a vehicle.  Though, why do they sell and serve  beer and wine, and even liquor at restaurants knowing that most of the customers have no intention of taking a cab.  Maybe they should outlaw beer and wine at restaurants and make it mandatory that you sleep over when at the bar.  I don't know.  I just know he's not a drunken idiot.  I can't wait to talk to him.  I can only imagine what he is going through in there.  And, beating himself up.  I bet he went to eat a good meal at a nice place because he was lonely up there and he probably had a nice glass of red wine with it.
And, he probably walked out the the rental car and happily headed back to his room when the lights and sirens went off.
So, with all else in my full and happy life I've been worried for him.  Pop a good word in with the big guy upstairs if you think about it.  It would be devastating if LilBro lost his job over this.  He's daddy to my handsomely adorable nephew who is exactly one week to the day younger than Farmer, Jr.
I know my LilBro is humiliated with himself.  I can only imagine.  He really is such a good guy. He'd take his shirt off and lay it across a puddle for a lady to cross and not ruin her shoes.  Yes, he is a gentleman that way.
Hopefully, this will all be remedied and he can maybe come home for Christmas and bring the Lil'Guy with him and we can stay up late while the children sleep, waiting for Santa.
Well, time to pick up the youngins.  I'll peep in when I hear back from Daddy and LilBro that he is out.  I just feel so bad for him.  One of those things.



Baseball Mom said...

Oh I am sorry to read this. I really hope things work out for your brother. It is a bummer being so far away from those your trying to help.

I will put a word in with the big guy, but I haven't had much luck lately. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this, FW.

Anonymous said...

Um.. just west of my state and they are more backward than we are...

kayla said...

Hey girl, Just wanted to stop by to tell you to check your add sence more often, ill give it some love for sure. You are a well deserving person. I hope your holiday went well. I have Lucians dilation friday morning I have to be there at 6am. Yuck! Are thoughs your kids at the top of your page? They are just dolls, so adorable and precious.