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Friday, December 19, 2008

DON'T go to PODUNK!!!

Back from the party.  I'm pooped.  My ears are ringing from sounds of hyper high-pitched voices.  We are barely pulling in the drive and Farmer, Jr. is ready to invite playmates over.  Um, "NO WAY, Jose."
The party was a complete success, which is good.  I didn't get fudge made but I did get the Apple Bread made for the teachers.  I meant to make a loaf for Wonder Mom too....but, I didn't have enough batter last night and being tired I thought it not important.  Of course, this morning I awake (on the couch) and am peeved with myself for not mixing up a half batch.
I have to take Lil'Gal in for her regular eye exam in a few.  Gosh, Geeze, I hope they don't have to dialate her this time.  Whatever was I thinking that it be "cool timing" to have the appointment on the other side of the city (not my tiny town) after the party and on a Friday afternoon?
On a sad note, our Priest passed away today.  He's been ill and having issues with diabetes and pain that comes with that, etc.  So, we were all aware -- but still.  Last year he delivered a wonderful and even humorous sermon on Christmas Eve.  Awful.
Brother Update.  
We got him out.  What an unnecessary fiasco. 
Turns out, I was right.  He went to dinner with a new guy he was training.  He had a couple beers, the trainee had about five and isn't used to drinking a whole lot.  So, Lil'Bro drives them back to the hotel for obvious reasons but they stop at the convenience store across the street. He parks.  Then, he's approached by an officer.
He discusses with the officer the situation.  The officer then administers a sobriety test to my Lil'Bro -- which he passes easily, obviously.  Lil'Bro expresses that he will leave the vehicle parked if necessary and he and his co-worker will walk across the street.  But, that he was driving as his coworker was snockered.  The officer agrees that the "coworker" should return to the room via bi-pedal fashion.
Then, he suggests to Lil'Bro that Lil'Bro needs to take a breathalizer.  Lil'Bro inquires as to why and the officer turns him around, cuffs him, and takes him to jail.  The coworker took the LapTop for work and immediately informed their Supervisor -- who was very understanding of the situation and began efforts on his end to try and get Lil'Bro out too.
Now, I've heard Wyoming is a pretty place.  But, like all places, it has some podunk towns.  And, Lil'Bro was working in and arrested in a podunk town.  I know this, not just from the residents themselves telling me as I contacted probably half of Podunk's population trying to find a way to get someone to take my credit card or other means to bail him out -- but, because when I finally spoke with a bail bondsman he explained that that "town" is podunk and two hours away one trip from anywhere and nobody wants to go there.  
He kindly offered to go there for me himself and "run" my credit card info and bail out Lil'Bro for a wee fee of $500.00.  Hmpft!  Chicken Biskets!  Bleepin' Pie-hole.
It gets better.
I'm waiting on another guy whom I have been told might be local to the area.  Daddy starts again from his end and works it out where he can send a money order from the bank.  He knows the bank President in his little town (miles away from the boonie woods where he lives) and is told to just wired the money -- that the court should take a wire and save a day of overnight mail.
Nobody in Podunk is aware this is an option.  Daddy keeps playing musical phones with the employees of their judicial system.  (I sware, they were all in the same room laughing to themselves as they passed either of us along to the next one.)
So, finally a supervisor walks by a ringing phone and picks it up.  Dad is asking for the information to wire the money to.  The Supervisor states, "Well, our wiring department is gone for the day and the banks are about to close, BUT...... you could just pay by Credit Card."
:-X  Do you know how many times we tried and how many people we dealt with to try and pay this by credit card?  Seriously.  Stay out of Podunk.
In other news,
I forgot my cell phone today.  The one day I forget it.  And, I was gone for about 4 1/2 hours. DH calls the school office to consult with about travel coordination regarding a friend and I who have Christmas stuff to swap out.  It is scheduling itself and happening while I am unavailable.  He works it out.  So, I think all is fine.
I walk in the door and pick up my cell phone.  16 calls.  SIXTEEN missed calls!  Sixteen?  On a Friday morning?  Holy Cattle Drive!  So, I've already handled several or they handled themselves since I wasn't available :-D.
And, I'm pooped.  But that's okay.  You wanna' know why?
It's Farmer*s Wife's Favorite Day!  Friday!  And, no school next week.  No homework, no spelling tests, no tight bed time routines, no early morning scrambles.  And, even better?  Santa Clause is coming to town!
Yeah!  Totally!  The song says so so I know it's true!
Super Sigh.  Happy FWFD!  (Don't forget; stay out of PoDunk!  ;-)



Prohomemaker.Com said...

Well God love you for not turning into a screaming banshee with all this kaka that's been going on.

*And* I still remember this little bit from a college course. One of the most common places to get arrested for a DUI is at a convenience store. The reason? People are either stopping for cigs or for more alcohol.

I feel sorry for your brother ... geez, and here he is trying to help.

Oh well, like you said, it is Friday. :-)

Knight said...

I'm glad everything is working out with your brother and it's all set with work and everything. That must have been so frustrating for all of you.

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks y'all! You have no idea. My poor Lil'Bro. He's smart and responsible and ProHome's convenience store comment hit the truth.

But, poor Lil'Bro is out of his element (State and Temperature) and was just doing the right thing and nothin' wrong.

I am so glad his boss understood. Though, they must encounter this fairly often? Where the plant in this town is concerned? Lil'Bro mentioned he was in there with many who had done nil to little wrong and were PoDunk.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. Small towns are the worst. They just arrest people cause they get bored.


Anonymous said...

Scary situation. I'm glad SJ has all y'all on his side.

Chatty said...

I'm glad your brother is OUT and that you all survived Podunk Purgatory! I applaud you for not using any swear words. You're a good influence on the internet!
I was very to sorry about your priest, though. It is never easy, even when it isn't unexpected - and especially at this time of year, when it's all about happiness and birth and joy. It will be hard on his friends, family and parishioners, I know. My mother died on December 21 many years ago. But, I hope you can remember his sermon from last Christmas Eve, along with all the other good times, and feel better!
Merry Christmas to you and yours, and keep that glass half full!

Anonymous said...

Hey they are right next door...If you will email me the name of the town.. when I get home from Kansas.. I will send bulldog up there to talk to these fools..She's been wanting off her leash anyway...

Lis Garrett said...

Did you know it's a person's right to refuse field sobriety tests and a breathalyzer? (I only know this because I just wrote an article about it.) Unfortunately, doing so can often get you in big trouble. You're darned if you do and darned if you don't. The officer can still arrest you if he suspects DUI.