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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Double Vision, the scoop.

I'm at Gymnastics and YES, they have wireless highspeed available and open and free.  They have kinda' started noticing me accessing it -- but, so far they don't mind.  It's awesome though because I am able to review more emails, correspond and check into websites of prospective sources for my "articles."  Can't you tell how I'm so in love with this?
Macxine and participating over at Root & Sprout have been awesome for me.  My brain is rebuilding, my esteem and energy levels are returning.  Okay, I've always had energy but I was becoming lazy in how I applied myself.  I realized I can do twice as much as I crumbled to doing.
So, enough of all that.  Lil'Gal is so cute to watch as she jumps and attempts to tumble. ;-)  Farmer, Jr. HATES Tuesdays because they are "gymnastics day" which is a total bore for him.  He and I do his reading and review spelling words and then he finally gets to drawl around while watching the girls tumble.  
I've explained about the numerous hours we have put in for him with T-ball.  Two or three practices a week and then games.  He doesn't get it because, after all, "T-Ball is funner than gymnastics."  Hmpft!  Oh, well.
Double vision.  I've had issues with this the past two years. My vision is really bad:  -8.50 and -7.50.  That's um, well, blind.  My eye doctor has told me that I am a prime candidate for the surgery.  I've had friends that have had it and love it.  But, I'm skeptical.  What about in 20 years from now?  Hmmm?  They don't know what might happen as eyes change and age.  My doc agrees with me -- so, he's doing the best he can to keep me in the eyes I have.
He originally attributed the double vision to the degree of difference between the left and right eye.  Which makes sense.  When I get tired at night and when wearing my glasses, my eyes will begin seeing two pictures.  Like two T.V. screens, etc.  Usually, it was because myself and my eyes were very tired.
It started happening earlier in the evening this past year.  And, I have to walk up to our very large flat screen to read the menu and guide sometimes because it's blury and I can't interpret the words.  Then, it started happening with my contacts in.  And, I'd develop this instant headache out of no where around 4:30 to 5:30.  Instant.Awful.Painful.Headache.
My eye doctor is very inquisitive and easy to talk to.  And, so the double vision came up in conversation.  But, he was concerned about my double vision with my contacts.  This shouldn't be an issue.  So, we do the look here and look there with my eye covered.  I felt it.
He asks, "Can you tell what is happening?"
Me:  "No, but I felt eye did something."
Him: "Yep.  Where does the picture go when I do this?"
Me:  "Down" Him, "Yep."
Him: "Now what happens to the picture when I do this (to the other eye)?"
Me: "Um, it kinda goes up and out?"
Yes, ladies and gentlemen?  I have myopia or whatever it is called.  There's a different term for each way the eyes go when not moving together. My left eye and weaker eye goes up.  My right eye and stronger eye, goes down.  So, they have been fighting each other to stay in line and that is why I catch myself in the evening covering one eye while I do things.
DH, "Why are you covering your eye like that?"
Me, "Huh?  Oh, didn't realize I was doing that."
*sigh*  So, they can fix it in my glasses with "prism" in the lenses.  Though, it will make my eyes more comfortable?  It might also let them drift up and down and I'll look, just lovely.
They can't fix it in my contacts because there is no way to "prism" the lense.    So, if it gets worse or untolerable in my contacts, I will have to get a second pair of glasses with "prism" to wear over my contacts.
Purpose being I can see better all the way around.  My vision is so bad at this point that I don't do well outside of the house with my glasses.  Oh, and no peripheral.  If you see me driving down the road (even the dirt ones) and I have my glasses on?  Steer clear, way clear.
Oh, I left out:  Lil'Gal has myopia or whatever it is called.  Severely.  She had surgery for it when she was nine months old.  It stuck for awhile, but then her brain decided it just wanted to use the one eye and not the other -- so, it began happening again.  So, we did glasses.  And, later, another surgery at about three years old.  Still the glasses.
Apparently?  Her brain just never totally synced her eyes together and so her brain occasionally chooses one eye or the other.  But, at least it is alternating.  We never knew where it came from...until now.  *sigh* *double sigh*
Well, class is over so time to load up and head back for the rest of the routine!  Maybe I'll catch up with y'all later this PM.
Happy Tuesday!



Scottifer said...

So are you telling me that you are cock-eyed? Not sure if I should crack a joke or not. Wonder Twin powers activate. Form of Prisim glasses??? Eh its cold in wy, and i'm tired. I'll try harder tomorrow. Luv ya!

Farmer*swife said...

Yep, Lil'Bro. I'm the bad gene pool on this one. Though, now I'm wondering which side it came from??


Anonymous said...

So is this what they used to call "wandering eye" or "lazy eye"?? My older sister had that, and then the surgery to fix it. By late teens she was wearing glasses.
For years I had to go to eye doctor appts as they looked for something wrong with my eyes. Nada.
Now? I'm beginning to have issues. I need to schedule myself an appt.

I'm scared of (any and all) surgery, so I certainly don't blame you for not jumping at that option!!

Farmer*swife said...

kc, it's kind of like lazy eye, though I think that tends to drift more in. It's called something different when it drifts out. And, Lil'Gal has been loosened, tightened and realigned which has helped a lot.

But, her brain still chooses sometimes one, instead of both.

As for me, I have the same thing apparently? Though, just now discovered and not as severe.

One prefers to focus from high, the other from low. So, mine are conflicting. Sheeze.


tt said...

girlfriend!!! you do whatever you need to do to take care of those peepers! It's not like they're replaceable ya know. And I'm fairly certain,...ahem...if I may be so bold....that you won't be very fun when your old and blind and lose control of your life and your dear daughter has to do everything for you....
I'm just saying....xoxo

and...gorgeous tree and castle!!! Woot for you!!!!