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Friday, December 5, 2008

Assignment for Me? Crayon Shaving.

Miss (Mrs.) Fairy Tale Princess from within her castle gave me an assignment last week...and, it's due tomorrow as tomorrow is grading day and Saturdays offer new assignments.
Whew!  I'm getting it in just in time to receive my gold star; though, I prefer a big fat RED A+ (yep, that's a hint to the Princess since she's really quick and witty on the awards and, I AM being graded. :-D )
So, every time I thought about this assignment I came up with crappy childhood memories.  And, she knows I'm all fun lovin' and happy and giddy and full of a lust for life!
Then, it hit me.
Crayon Shaving.
When I was a little girl, I had to entertain myself most of the time.  I was in my room and it had one of those old floor stand heaters.  I forget what you call them and I'm too lazy to look it up, but they are the ones that look like coiled up candy.  To me, anyhow.
So, I had an egg carton for pretending and playing with.  "Today?" I thought to myself, "Today, I will make some cookies."
So, I filled each little carton compartment with a small amount of water.  Cookies need ingredients, chocolate chips and other colorful items.  So, I thought and then it came to me, "Crayons are pretty and colorful.  Shave the crayons, that's what I'll do."  And, I did.  I took my time, and if I remember correctly, I even cut up little bits and pieces of paper to add into my batter.
With the egg compartments filled of a rainbow of crayon shavings and my creative cookie dough, I took the egg carton to that old heater to bake.  It was winter time so the heater would kick on from time to time, which is where I developed the idea of baking my cookies there.
I waited.  I gave them forever.  I'd check them, but it hadn't been enough time.  I set my mind and I wished really hard.  I wished with my heart in it.  I knew it would be so completely marvelous and magical when my cookies became real.
"Won't the world be so impressed?"  Needless to say, the cookies never did become real.  I think I finally forgot about them and then got in half-@$$ trouble for my mess.  But, there is a moral to this cookie story.
I've always had faith.  I've always believed in wishing and dreams coming true.  Even, though those cookies never came to fruition, I kept hoping and mentally wooing life telekinetically. Like in those dreams I have?  Where I move stuff around the house.  Levitating pencils, spoons and flipping light switches off and on.
[I've been having those again dreams lately.  I like those dreams.  Not always when they have such high intensity to where I eventually levitate myself -- those always give me a headache.  But, the rest of it is just plain fun!]
So, it does work.  I can prove it.  It took some time and lots of practice.  Crayon shavings were just a learning process.  And, who wants to eat cookies made with water, wax and paper anyhow?  
I applied my hope, wishing and mental telekinetic thinking to life.  Though, the media wont come running to interview me and make me the next "new thing" -- as so many think life just "is" and that life "just happens" to you.  Many think life is up to "the fates."  Let them think what they want.  Let them fill themselves full of pessimism.  
For me?  Well, I know better. 
Happy Saturday!  Feel like baking some warm, gooey cookies?



Anonymous said...

You have always been a Glass Half Full Gal, haven't you? :)

Your crayon shavings remind me of making sand candles with melted crayons. We'd fill a shoe box halfway with sand, then melt old bits of crayons and pour into little depressions in the sand. We'd hold the wicks in place while we poured... or maybe we rigged them into place with little sticks (I don't recall that part) but I do recall how pretty they were, esp. when we made layers of different colors.

Oh, and your heater is called a radiator. :)

Farmer*swife said...

"Radiator!" Yeah, that's it! THX!

kc, that sounds like a great little art project!

C said...

So sweet. I wanted to tell you thanks again for the other day and the link. I haven't had the chance to join a group because I am SICK. Yup, I got the nasties. I am sure it is from wiping snotty noses all day for the past 2 weeks.

I used to think that dirt in a glass of water would turn into tea. And I am full of faith and believing in what isn't there...great story.

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Love the story -- thank God it wasn't a Styrofoam egg carton!

Jennifer said...

wow, what a GREAT post!! :)

Juggling Act said...

Yes, we make life happen, don't we! As a kid, I used to drop peeled crayons in hot water, let them sit a little while, then bend them. I don't think I was making anything but a mess :-)