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Sunday, December 7, 2008

DH got the Christmas lights up a week or so ago.  I forgot to post a picture!
Though, I really want top of the roof lined with lights too -- something tells me it won't happen this year.  It'll probably take a year's worth of convincing to get him up that high next year.
You have to admit, if the top was lined too it would be even more beautiful.  ;-)
I'm not a Gal to complain much though.  
I found this in the potato bag last night.  Something about it caught my attention.  It developed several shapes in my mind -- like watching clouds in the sky.  
What comes to mind when you look at it?  
Okay, off to my Sunday afternoon routine.  I stayed up late last night and the Gremlins held at bay.  They apparently waited until we were gone this morning to make their mess.  At least, as best I can guess.
I also have a bag full of cash!  YAY!  And, some tickets for sausage plates!  YAY!  But, they don't belong to me.  I was just left in charge of counting and estimating for the fundraiser at school next week.
Basically?  This week is gone already.  Let's just say I'm hanging the cape up and pulling out the Jet Pack this week.  I won't bore you with the calendar.  Just picture it full with lots of events, color coded according to what it is, where it takes place and the importance.
I *heart* Macxine!
Happy Super-Sunday!



Prohomemaker.Com said...

Hey, on the lights, at least he got 'em up in the waves over the big pitch in the roofline. We did the lazy over the garage and in the rain gutters, and that was that. No amount of Christmas cheer is worth a broken leg from climbing on the roof!

I think it's gonna be baking chocolate chip cookies later today -- it's cool here, and seems to be a relatively lazy Sunday after I get a little work outta the way.

Tree pictures this week!

Baseball Mom said...

What comes to mind when you look at it?

Well this is a PG blog and I will not post what popped in my mind. If I EVER get my mind outta the gutter I will come back to the post. ha! ha!

Your house is pretty. I need to post our pictures.

Jay said...

I think the Christmas lights look great!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

The potato looks like Skitstövel!!!!
Actually it looks like a manatee or a walrus.

Anonymous said...

Manatee! Gary is right!

Your calendar sounds like mine, complete with the color-coding (although our color-coding is for people: adults get purple, MM is green, EB is black, H-J is red, and SM is blue....)

Jennybean said...

gotta love funny potatoes... a couple years ago we had tons of "ducky" ones (looked like rubber duckies!)

Knight said...

What comes to mind? Lunch!!!

The lights like fabfantastic. My apt is decorated because we have all the holiday decorations for the show stashed at my place. The big decorated boxes that are empty inside are starting to mess with me.