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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Childhood Flashbacks: The Ice Cream Cone

I didn't sleep for flip last night. Well, I fell asleep fine but then I woke up. I got some cold water and returned to bed, knowing that I was s-c-r-e-w-e-d with a flat head driver. Mine as well have beaten me with it too. I tossed and turned and tossed and turned all.night.long. Meanwhile, DH would throw a snore in here and there and then he'd flip over and snuggle a little. Then, I'd go back to tossing and turning, knees up, legs stretched out, leg out of the covers, leg under the covers, flip-flop, flip-flop... Yep. Add a couple of potty breaks -- not sure if I really needed to go or if I was contemplating finding another place to lie my head. Either way, I ended up back where I came from and did the Flap-Jack dance in bed until this morning. I finally fall asleep for about 15 minutes -- of course, when the alarm is going off and it is time for the world to wake up -- and I dream, ever so quickly, about Daddy's friend's Lil'Gal who turned one year old. Daddy called last night and we conversed about things and he told me about the birthday party. So, I dreamt about pink ribbons, pink boxes, and the baby and her older sister were playing tag with pink ribbons. Then, I woke up by DH's snore. Can you believe he can do that? Fall back asleep immediately after hitting the snooze and into instant snore-zone. Phblblblt! Kay, enough whining. On to the flashback! It's been awhile since I've done one of these. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Ice Cream Cone I remember, I was about oh, eight years old. Maybe six or seven -- I get the ages mixed up because I can't really remember my aunt's birthday or age. She was born later after my uncles and my Mom. Anyhow, Mom and I had gone to visit. I remember I was sleeping upstairs in my aunt's room and the trundle beds were separated like two twins in the room. My aunt was supposed to be home already, I imagine, and was apparently late and past curfew. I remember waking up to a whole lot of chaos, yelling, voices, etc. My Gramm was apparently very, very upset and I could hear my aunt while my Mom played referee. Apparently, the good big sister too. Because my Aunt, at barely 16 years old or maybe she wasn't 16 yet, was intoxicated. Um, she was beyond that and she was throwing up all over the place while my Gramm continued to barrage her with scoldings and threats of a life time of being grounded. All of this in vain, as a drunken teenager who is vomiting on herself is not going to be able to register and things you say, yell, scream or threaten her with. And, at the particular point and time -- I think the vomiting was punishment enough, along with how bad she was going to feel the next morning.
I remember being sent back to bed when I discovered them in the bathroom and my Mom was putting my Aunt in the shower; clothed and all, LOL!  Yuck!  My Mom then proceeded to get her cleaned up and into bed -- all the while, my Gramm continued her barrage of linguistic artillery. So, all of that aunt was grounded to her room. Boy, was that fun. I was a big, annoying pain in her butt because I was a kid and she was a teenager. And, she was stuck in her room and had to share it with me. Two days later my Mom takes me for ice cream. Well, I had a lot of issues with dairy when I was younger so I got the rainbow iced sherbert/sorbet [whatever].   Being kind, Mom decided to get an ice cream cone for her sister too. After all, we were visiting and wanted to do something together but my Aunt was grounded. So, we get back to Gramm's house and I remember sitting on the stairwell to the upstairs bedrooms, licking on my sherbert. My Mom and my Aunt were there talking and enjoying their cones. Then, my Gramm comes along and she scolds my aunt and she -- TOOK HER CONE AWAY.  And, then? She ate it -- right there in front of my Aunt.  I was flabbergasted! My Gramm said that since my Aunt was grounded that meant she couldn't have ice cream either.  Secretly, I've always been peeved about this experience and event.   Even at that early age, I felt that the ice cream was separate from the discipline.   And, we had bought it for her and we were only visiting for a few days.  We didn't visit very often. On a sad note, my Aunt was killed in a car accident by some other teenagers about a year or so later.  She was a passenger and her boyfriend was driving and her best friend was standing up in the open skylight the car had in the roof. It was a tiny, little hatchback. Her boyfriend was speeding, but the other kids ran the stop sign.   My Aunt seeing the accident about to happen, pulled her friend down and into the back seat.  Both my Aunt and her boyfriend were killed upon impact.   Her friend had a lot of issues for years, obviously, because my Aunt had literally saved her life but didn't survive herself. I don't have a whole lot of memories of my Aunt because I didn't get to see her very often -- like I said.  And, she was older than me.  I do remember an incident with her earings...that'll be another flashback of it's own. ;-)  And, I remember unintentionally annoying her when I was about two or three years old.  I followed her like a shadow. And, I remember the Ice Cream Cone incident.
Well, I have to address our annual letter we send out at Christmas/New Year's time.  It's New Year's Eve!  Y'all play safe tonight!  I know I will.  We've no plans and considering I didn't sleep but a 15 minute wink last night -- I know I'll probably crash and burn early.  Though, I do plan to use toothpicks to hold my eye lids open until midnight!
If I'm not back later [I'll probably be back later], then I'll blog ya' next year!  Don't forget!  Tomorrow is THURSDAY and something BIG is coming!  Fun!  Prize?  I don't know????  You'll have to come over and check it out manana!
Happy Hump-Diggity New Year's Eve!!



C said...

That story made me sad...I am sorry about her passing. I like your new look, and the photo at the top is so cute...Happy New Year girlie!

Knight said...

I love the new header. You have such a beautiful family.

That was really rude of your Gramm to make up extensions of the punishment and to take a gift away. She doesn't sound like a pleasant person.

Anonymous said...

Love the new page! It looks great! (I'm just not a big fan of pink, though, personally.)

Great story. I love the phrase "barrage of linguistic artillery." Brilliance.

Sad that your aunt died. I also don't agree with the punishment doled out by your gramm. In my family, had something like that happened, family events would have been excluded from the grounding. In fact, I'm sure I'd have been forced to participate, especially if I showed any inclination that I didn't want to. My parents are big on family time, though, and are willing to put aside smaller issues (like teenage debauchery) for the bigger picture, like spending time with family members you don't see often.

I wonder if your gramm remembers that incident.


Farmer*swife said...

C, Didn't mean to bring you down. But, I had to add the closure about her.

knight Thanks! I'm still playing around with it. It actually looks way more like me now! ;-)

I love the phrase "barrage of linguistic artillery." Brilliance.

I was secretly priding myself on that little phrase myself! Thanks for picking up on it!!

Jen said...

We are staying IN tonight. No big plans. BTW, I hate when that happens--I always fall back asleep just in time for the dang alarm clock to go off!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Great new look here!
Man, what a story about your aunt and all.....

Anonymous said...

Argh! blogger ate my last comment!

I agree with em: "barrage of linguistic artillery" = brilliance.

I'm sorry your Gramm had such obvious issues with anger. As a parent, I can see being angry that your kid has been out drinking like a fish, and at such a young age. But to go as far as she did, and then extend the punishment...I hope she didn't suffer from regrets.