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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Other Great things! And, more stalking....

20!  TWENTY!  Vente! 10 + 10 = 20!!!
So, I said to myself every day for weeks and weeks now yesterday, "When I get twenty followers?  I'm hosting a celebration!  Oh, yes!  It will be a Hoop and Hollerin' Fest!  What a grand day it will be if, wait, NOT IF, I'm an optimist and all when I hit the big 20!
I feel like a youngin' again!  Thank you!  Thank you ALL!  I love Followers.  I love to Follow.  I love ME! ME! ME! all of YOU! YOU! YOU! more than I could ever love myself!
'Tis true?  Oh, yes it 'tis!  'Tis too true!  Times twenty!
[Here is where FW does the happy dance.  Maybe I'll vlog and add it in here later.  Soon/immediately, we are off to the Hobby Craft Store to pick up fab stuff at 50% off for the newbie tree, and some gifts for the school party and the post office -- if they are still open when I get finally get there.]
So, SUPER-DUPER "Y'all so totally Rock!" to you!  Thank you for making me twenty again!  Hmmm, I wonder what it feels like to be 50...  (hinter-ville) :-D  [They call me needy for a reason.]
And, with that note?  I'm pimpin' out another blogger.  She's already on my roll though, why the pie am I not on her's yet? I never expect anything from my bloggies, other than the every day, every hour pop in and read a comment on occasion. 
She is so witty and funny and Mom to two beautiful Gals.  She juggles through life like we all do and her favorite term (when not exercising the occasional curse) is For The Love of Pete!?!
So, she my newbie stalker - wait, stalkie.  (Geeze Oh Pete!  I wish she stalked me.  Yeah that term is her's too!)  :-)
So, click on the stalker guy up above, click on the title, click on the link right there that I just gave you -- just click.  Clicking is good.
As Martha [Stewart] says, "It's a good thing."
For the Love of Pete?  You aren't there already!?  LOL!  I crack me up!



C said...

I went, her kids are cute! have a good weekend

Karen said...

Hee hee! FW you crack me up woman! I do read you faithfully. I'm just old school and read everyone through google reader. And I'm sure you've noticed my commenting has been less, as it has for everyone. Darn job gets in the way of some of my favorite activities!
So thanks for stalking me! I love having my own personal stalker!

Jennifer said...

Hey, in reply to your comments on my post__I KNOW THAT SCARES ME do I know she is "really okay", it's not like they did a CT scan or anything. I'm still praying that she is okay even though it's been 24 hours!

Baseball Mom said...

Seriously FW .. Decaf? LOL.

Did you get lots of goodies for that tree of yours?

Anonymous said...

Well, I WOULD be a follower, but it seems to be a Blogger-only thing (that's Blogger with a Capital B) and Wordpress doesn't do that. However, you are on my list (which needs updating, badly) PLUS in my feeds. And with Flock? It's always up on the side and tells me within 5 minutes or so when you post!
Do I win a prize for this? ;) jk

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I already know Karen from WWC, but you knew that, right? :)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

It's too ironic you should post this today, because I was just kvethcing to my pal Ginny in New York that I wish I could increase readership of my blog (average 35 hits a day). But, you're right, the comments do really help, because that way I don't feel like I should be tapping the computer monitor, saying, "Hello? Is anyone out there?"


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


Newt said...

Happy day! Way to go. I don't even know how the follower thing works. I should probably look into it eh?