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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Too much Egg Nog?

Too much Egg Nog?  Ya' think?!
Farmer, Jr. put "Spirit" to drink from the "trough" but to me it looks more like Spirit is hurling in the Ginger Bread house! LOL!!
Hope this doesn't happen to any of y'all or myself over the holidays.
Speaking of which we have a party to attend ourselves tonight.  DH is giddy because MIL and DIL are keeping the children and overnight -- so we can stay late, and party ourselves when we get home.  [Right, like THAT's gonna happen...I'll be out the moment my PJs are on. LOL!]
Sigh.  I am so awful.  This will be a fun party and all but I really don't feel like socializing and making a bunch of small talk tonight.  I'd like to snuggle in and watch some T.V., read some stuff, take a long hot bath....blah.  I know, right?  Bouncy Me?  
We've just been so busy and this next week I have to pile in everything else because the kids will be out for the holidays after the school party on Friday.   Which means, no "free time" to think, write, etc.  And, I still have to actually "write" the three other articles due for Root & Sprout!  YIKES!
Anyhow, I will dress and attend with "bells on" because DH is excited to go.
He's asked me like twice a day for the past week, "Did you confirm with my Mom?  She's still keeping the kids over night, right?  She didn't forget?"
Geeze, like a kid in a toy store!  BTW, my MIL is awesome and she doesn't "forget" stuff.  Like baby sitting, anyhow.  My in-laws and Sweet D are the only people who keep my kids.  Dad lives in AR so, it's not like I can just call him up and drop the children by.  And, I *heart* my Mom but I'm just not comfortable leaving them. [Shhhhhh, don't tell.]
Anyhow, obviously, we don't get out hardly ever without the children.  I've grown accustom to them being with us though.  Family and all.   Anyhow, it'll be a big evening.
In other events today, me and Lil'Gal assembled her Vanity and Stool that I got on sale at Target!!  Finally, some furniture for her room!  She's been wanting one forever and I didn't feel like I'd make this Christmas -- since, I've told her since last December we would get her one.
I don't know.  You think she likes it??  
Um, she absofabu-LOVES it!!!  All day, she's been doting and having little parties in her room.  Which we must all attend.  And, the item of honor is "The Vanity."  Too cute!
See this shoe?  Up above?  Cute, right?  I know!  I picked up a pair to get Lil'Gal through the fall and winter with something cute and dressy.  Unfortunately, the Gremlins stole one.  I've look everywhere.  Typically, the Gremlins will hid a shoe or the pair very well but leave a few hints.  Like a lonely sock outside of a closet or something.
Not this time.  I have looked everywhere and I can't find the other shoe.  I'm thinking either they were hungry and ate it?  Or, there's a one legged Gremlin out there wearing a really cute shoe.  Either way?  It's been long enough that I am probably going to have to break down and buy her a new pair of fall shoes.  [That I will keep in my own closet, this time!  Rediculous!]
DH went out Christmas shopping today.  I told him not to get anything for me since we've spent a lot on Santa for the children this year, and since he got me my Macxine (and that printer followed me home.  Which, I love by the way)  :-D
So, look what he did?
Yes, he so totally must have read my letter to Santa Clause because I have been wanting one of these sooooooooooooo super bad!  As bad as four years ago when I wanted a Bissell Flip-It!  Which has been the most awesome floor vacuum/mopper ever!
I saw Target had an older model on sale (it was red, of course) for $96.00 this week.  I so wanted it.  I so hoped Santa would drop it down the chimney for me.
Well, DH gifted it to me early today! YAY!  So, I can clean my floors while schmoozin' at the party tonight!  How awesome it THAT?  Talk about multi-tasking! :-D
Yep.  This one is a newer model and it came with, not one, but two lighthouse/wall thingies.  You can put them at a doorway and either limit the Roomba from entering that room/space, or you can set it to "lighthouse" where it will direct Roomba into another room and back home again.  Sweeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!
He-he-he.  Watch those Gremlins run tonight!!!  He-he-he.
Well, I gotta' go bath myself and Lil'Gal and dress and I don't even remember where I left those bells.  Ringa-din-ding!  
So, have yourself a Happy Saturday!  DH is home and he will be frustrated to see me "here" and not primping "there."
Later Gators!!



Jennifer said...

First, your girl's hair is BEAUTIFUL!! wow. Second, have fun tonight!!!! Roomba--jealous!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Have a wonderful time, and I gotta agree the vanity is darn sweet.

Hope you rumba as the the gift roombas!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you got a robot to vacuum!!!! oh total joy!
hope it is a fun time!!!!!

C said...

Lemme know if you like that vacuum, DH told me that they don't work and I really wanted one. So keep me informed.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had fun at the party! That is an insane little floor cleaner thing! That sounds amazing. Glad he got it for you. He's sweet.


Anonymous said...

I'm back-reading your weekend in order and hope the party and after-party were a success (hint: if putting on your jammies makes you fall asleep, common sense says...____!!) AND I too want to know about that Roomba.

Lis Garrett said...

Okay - I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw Lil Gal's hair. Is it wrong for me to be a teensy (a lot, actually) jealous??

I *almost* got that vanity for Bridget but then decided if I got one for one daughter, I'd have to get it for the other. :-( It's super cute, though!

Knight said...

Lil Gal admiring herself in her awesome new vanity is cracking me up. I swear I have pictures of me at that age doing the same thing. I even had the same hair. A little warning for you. If she finds how fun lipgloss and kiss prints on a mirror are you might need extra windex.

Did you look for that extra shoe in the car?

Knight said...

Somehow I just knew that is where the shoe would be hiding!

Anonymous said...

Her hair is just omg gorgeous! I love those pics of her oohing and ahhing at herself. Priceless!