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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday's TreeTOP!

Ooooh, aaaaaahhh, prettttyyyyy ;-)
So, YES!  Panic is settled for the next few hours.  I feel on top of things today!  Not ahead, but on top of.  It's another one of those, "If I can just make it through this week..." weeks.  Like the one before Thanksgiving week.
But, I got ten pounds of beans cooked yesterday (in addition to the other family meals).  I'm waiting for donations to the school and then I'll cook another 13 pounds or so tomorrow.  And as soon as the PTL President gets back to me with his Mother's potato salad serving calculation factor, I'll be boiling massive pounds of potatoes.
I believe in doing as much in advance as possible to make things easier the day of a project.  Any project.  Hey?  Who do I sound like?  ;-)
I stayed up extra late last night folding all the clothes.  YEP!  ALL OF THEM. What?  Socks? Crap-diddly.  No, I didn't sort the dang socks.  Chicken Biskets.  They are sitting in a big annoying pile right next to me so that I will get to them next.  :-{
[Sorting socks really stresses me out.  My anxiety level goes up way high.  It's a simple task?  But, it doesn't always come out right.  Socks with mix-matched stains.  Socks with missing counter parts.  It's enough to drive a Farmer*sWife crazy.]
Ooooh, and I was up and in the shower at 5:45 a.m.  [Yes, I am admitting that I passed out fully clothed on the couch in the office after folding mountains of laundry.]  Dressed and portrait painted, I was in the kitchen.  Macxine had a full inbox for me with lots of replies and info for my third article I'm working on.  (Four all together; one is a review though.  And, I like the product so that should be easy-peasie.)
And, it was calm and dark and quiet...I love that time to myself in the mornings.  So, I brought out the trip-pod and captured a lit pic of our New Tree!   
Great hot breakfast, kids fed, dressed, shoes "ON and not lost" (that's a super big task these days) and we were out the door on time with no fight, hassle or whining.  AWESOME!!!
I've finished one article for R&S and will be sending it off to Lis today.  Waaaayyyyy ahead of the deadline.  Making both her and my life a little easier with one less thing on the "To Do" list.  :-)  I just rock that way!
Alrightie!  Happy Farmer, Jr. hates Tuesdays!!  LOL!!!



Jennybean said...

deep breaths... one step at a time! lol!

C said...

I despise folding socks, glad I am not the only sock ocd in the land. That tree is great! Very pretty indeed. I haven't signed up for anything on R&S, I think I will wait to attack that until after Christmas is over. I have kicked houseworks butt today, I just have to change all the bedding and sort the socks(mine are sitting in a basket far far away from me!)

Happy day~C

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

another finished article???????? wowie!
and that might be the biggest best Christmas tree I have ever seen in my life

Newt said...

I think I am skipping decorating this year. However since yours is SO beautiful, I will hang a picture of your tree where ours normally is.

I only decorate every so many years. With no kids or company over during the holidays I sometimes don't worry about all that extra work. I did put a stuffed bear dressed as a candy cane up on the living room speaker.

Jennifer said...

the tree is so pretty!!

Baseball Mom said...

1. The tree is pretty. You have stuff under your tree already? haha

2. You are a nicer mommy than me in sock & undie land. I do not sort & fold. They put their own in their drawer. No sort & fold needed. lol.

3. What in the world does school need with all the beans and tators?

4. Why farmer Jr, hate Tuesdays?

5. I have no five .. was just on a roll .. now I need butter.


Prohomemaker.Com said...

The tree is *gorgeous* -- I said it outloud many times.

Just had to pass along the old Erma Bombeck joke about socks:

When one matching sock disappeared after emerging from the dryer, rather than trying to explain it to her kids, she just said, "It went to live with Jesus."

Knight said...

Oooh I like the tree!
Can't you talk the kiddos into sorting the socks? I'm sure they would love to help their momma!

Jay said...

I agree w/ Knight. Tell the kids to help with laundry. My sister and I had to. It builds character. ;-)

Beautiful tree.

Anonymous said...

Your tree is lovely. Mine is still in the box in the basement storage closet.

With one dh and 4 boys, I decided that everyone has to have different socks, so sorting is easier. Some have the same brand & style (Hanes) but the different sizes have different colored brand name on the bottom. It helps to keep me sane.

I like to think about getting stuff done in advance, but it never quite happens as smoothly as all that. I'm impressed with your organization!

Why does Farmer, Jr. hate Tuesday?

Juggling Act said...

I love your tree! Congrats on getting another article out the door. Yes, socks are a bother. I have about 30 waiting to be matched, and I am sure about 10 of them will not match any of the others. The unloved pile grows every wash cycle.