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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pondering What To Cook with Carrots??

I've been wanting to make glazed carrots. Sweet like, as Lil'Gal has developed an interest in carrots and I find that I should take advantage of this interest while it exists -- hence, making a really good carrot recipe. And, I just assumed sweet would be the way to go, thus "glazed." So, while looking through a few of my favorite cook books -- one being the newbie to the shelf that I reviewed for January's issue of Root & Sprout -- I found two delightfully though differing recipes. Honey-Kissed Carrots and Cheese Scalloped Carrots. Seeing as how my children like squash cracker cheese casserole, they actually might enjoy the Scalloped Carrots, and who are we kidding? Anything goes better with cheese. Then again, Lil'Gal likes sweet, sweet anything and anything sweet. So, the Honey-Kissed Carrots might work too. And, as I'm typing and thinking and deciding, Lil'Gal just came in and requested hamburgers tonight so she can have some chips with it. Typically, I make baked "french fry" potatoes. They are easy too; just slice up a few potatoes into thin fry looking shapes, add a little seasoned salt and broil. They are superb and healthy. But, still. The carrots. And, what goes with glazed carrots? I've been pondering all day. Oh, well. It seems we are having burgers tonight anyhow. So, I guess the "What to Cook with Carrots?" question will be side-barred a day or so. Though? I might cook up a helping of those Cheese Scalloped Carrots afterall. You know. Just to try it out and see what the kiddos think. Am I rambling? It's because I want to and need to bissell mop my floors but this will not happen with children traipsing through the house. And, bloggie town seems to be tucked in with not much happening. Christmas recoop and all. Hmmm. What's something fun and simple and not too people invasive to do for New Years. We could have some friends out but then they'd have to drive home and that aint good on New Years Eve. And, "I" don't want to be out and having to drive home. Maybe I'll glaze some carrots for New Years Eve along with those Black Eyed Peas we are all to make and eat for Good Luck.
Oh, their were critter tracks on the back porch.  I'm thinking a raccoon and a big fat one, at that.  Me to DH, "There are critter tracks on the back porch."
DH to Me, "Yeah, I saw those....[pause]...."
Me to DH, "What do you think it is?  Surely not a cat, prints look like some critter or possum."
DH to Me, half listening, "A cat, a possum, something like that..."  Didn't I just say not a cat and possibly a possum?  LOL!
The wind has finally lied down in expectance of the cold front coming in this evening. So, I think I'll take the kids outside and play a few rounds of basket ball while we can, without getting pelted by wind blown wads of dirt. Seriously, we get the average of 25-30 mph winds with the 40 mph gusts around here. And, you do get pelted in the face and eyes with dirt as their is currently no crop to hold the dirt down. Guess we'll be farming the neighbors land again this year, only which neighbor, LOL! Okay, our land and rented land but not our dirt. The dirt changes from field to field as it travels with every wind-gusty day.
Know what's funny?  Okay, not funny so much -- I feel kinda bad but still it's cool to watch.  When the wind is whipping up like that and a bird is just doing it's thing and flying along and suddenly a big Gust catches it and blows it back and then the bird flies really, really hard against the gust but he's not getting anywhere. 
I see this all the time out my kitchen windows.  And, I watch the poor guy who looks like he's tied to a kite string or something.  Flutter, flutter, whipping those wings, until finally the birdie will give up and glide with the wind bursts until it breaks free.
Happy Saturday, the windy way -- with carrots on the side. :-)



Prohomemaker.Com said...

The honey carrots are good. My favorite way is to steam them, and just throw a good gob of butter on 'em and a light sprionkling of dill. But I am sure Lilk Gal won't go for that. :-) ... You're right it being light in Bloggie land, I should be back up to speed Monday (working all weekend)

BTW, it was 32 here in last night in Sunny Southern California. That is *freezing* for us.

Farmer*swife said...

Pro-H 32 degrees? In Sunny CA? WOW! YOWZA! Well, currently we are at a hot, sun-shiny 89 degrees today.

And, nope! No clouds. The 35 mph winds blew them all away! YAY! But, a cold front is coming and expected to drop us about 30 degrees tomorrow.

Makin' it more holiday-ish still for New Years!

kcinnova said...

Up to 60 degrees here. Crazy! Dh & the boys lit a fire down at the fire pit and roasted some hot dogs. Nevermind that I have chicken and beans in the oven...
We eat our carrots raw around here, unless they are tossed in with a pot roast. But one SIL has a favorite microwave recipe for glazed carrots. (I've done it with butter & orange juice.)
And the way you make homefries? That is how we roll with sweet potato homefries! Yummy!

Yep, blogworld is quiet today, and in a few hours, our household swells to ELEVEN. Better get back to work!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

60 degrees here in northern NY state too :::snort::::
HA! stinking snow is melting.
Hey, I'd like glazed carrots and potatos, sounds like heaven to me!

Jennifer said...

I wanted to cooked glazed carrots the other night, and my dad and hubby both were like "NO WAY; he won't eat them!" lol.