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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The FREEZE, after Midnight...

Um.  It's after midnight.  I felt really sleepy earlier?  And, I still have information to enter to update the fund-raiser spreadsheet.  And, I'm almost afraid to look at my list for tomorrow because it is full from top to the bottom line and also in the top margin.
I signed off of chat with Sweet D, while finally catching up with some bloggers.  Come to find out.  I'm not sleepy -- well, I am.  But, my brain woke up as soon as I got up to do all the stuff I had to do at the moment.  Like, check the door locks, check the Christmas tree lights (DH had just woken and made a pass to turn them out), I had to potty, refresh some cold water....listen to the wind.
WEATHER REPORT.  For real now.  I've been feeling kinda' guilty for complaining about our semi-cold spells when my northern friends are freezing their patoochskies off every day since last month.  Most northerly are Gary the infamous potter, Lis the founder of R&S, and Knight the beautiful, musical performer.
And, I've been watching the weather and it is awful there.  I went to Illinois once when the wind chill was averaging -11 degrees; my camera I got for graduation a few years prior froze.  Yep, got left in the mini-van.  The best day was when the "feel like" was in the tens but the real temp was +1.  Yeah, I can actually say I experienced 1 degree temperature.  And, I will say, that shortly thereafter I experienced 101 in body temperature.
Go figure.  Oh, hey!  That's a great, laughable story!  Remind me to tell it to ya!
Anyhow.  Tomorrow the weather from way up North is coming down here.  Well, actually it is here now!  It is blowing, and howling and whipping the dirt around at 40 mph wind gusts.  
Tomorrow we will wake up to 38 degrees.  SERIOUS 38 degrees.  With a cold@$$ windchill.  The high might hit 52  but that's just make believe cuz' with the wind chill they are still calling for a real feel of 48...high....
I hear you Gary and even more?  I hear you in full bone chill, Lis.
DH and my BIL were invited to go hunt quail at the awesomeness place of game to hunt -- the one down South that holds such history for our state.  And, also holsters a bounty of great farm land and, again, game to hunt.  The "KING RANCH."
He will freeze his cajones off.  [That word is there for my blog and Grow Together friend, Nathalie with Professor Pocket.]  Still?  I hope he has fun.
The worst part?  I have to go places and be places and run errands so I can do things and take advantage of super coupon combined store sales.  All in the stupid, suck pie-hole, cold arce, cold, weather cold, crap stuff.
Night (stupid double vision....sheeze, I need my new glasses).
Happy -- crap coldness -- Hump Diggity.



Karen said...

My friend in Austin, sent photos of it SNOWING last night! And her family in San Antonio said it was sleeting. Hope you can figure out how to stay warm there!

Tink said...

Yesterday morning it was 34 degrees here. By afternoon it was 82. Stupid global warming. I have no idea how to dress anymore! So leaving a camera out in freezing temperaturea will actually destroy it? Huh. I guess I just never thought of that. Bummer.

g-man said...

It swings from the 40's to the 60's here.

Bummer on the peepers, at least you can have it corrected :) Now I have that song by Foreigner in by head ...

Jennifer said...

Even parts of the south like MS and LA are expecting snow today. We'll be at 86 in Orlando, love it, ha. That's nuts about your camera!

Jennybean said...

It's 10 degrees now...

King Ranch as in origin of the Quarter Horse?

SO jealous!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I live WAY north of Lis and Knight. Maybe 200 miles north of Knight. AND about 5 miles north of Lis. It is much more wintry here ;^)

Anonymous said...

Today we warmed up to about 50 degrees with rain, so of course my sinuses have gone NUTS. Couple that with only a few hours of broken sleep and I'm accomplishing next to nothing today. I keep falling asleep. It's good to keep me off the roads and at home!!

El Paso would get those cold, icy winds (we lived on the side of the mountain at 3700 ft) but San Antonio got the ice storm the year we lived there. Brrrrrrr.... On the plus side, you could ice skate on the sidewalks!
Texas has crazy weather.

Jeff B said...

They're talking snow here for the weekend along with butt freezing temps. Yippy Skippy!

Knight said...

I feel bad for Gary because he is getting it worse than we are. It has been crazy in New York. Yesterday it rained non stop and the wind was nuts. I think I got a bit of a bug from it. ChickenBiscuits! I can't be sick for my show next week.
I think we are all in for a crazy winter.