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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Things I enjoyed today...:-)

Bare with me.  My fingers have a few minutes left before my OTC sleep aid kicks in but my brain and mind insist that they have something interesting to purge into type for the cyber world to read.  
Though, I realize I need a big comeback from my Carrot post.  What's up with that anyway?  Nobody cares about cooking carrots these days?  I will say, the recipe for scalloped carrots topped with breadcrumbs was fantastic!  Lil'Gal asked to be sure I saved some for "left overs" for her tomorrow....that's a pretty good Carrot recipe.  But, you know....a veggie, some cheese, some cracker crumbs and butter and -- whala, it doesn't taste like veggies anymore.
I digress.....
So, some things I did and enjoyed today:
I told DH I had a really good day today.  I really enjoyed the day.  He asked, how so?  As, how was today different than any other day and considering we didn't do that much and I didn't even leave the house.
  • I played transformers with Farmer, Jr. and figured out the glitch (for the second time) with "Bumble Bee" so he would transform completely with all sound factors in tune.
  • I played "Princess and the Pea" with Lil'Gal.
  • I watched "Transformers" the movie with the kids while working in the kitchen, and then the four of us actually all ended up on the couch watching the movie together.
  • I played basketball with the kids (when the wind lied down before changing directions for the front coming in).
  • Me and Farmer, Jr. built some stuff with legos.
  • I rode scooters with the kids.
  • Me and Lil'Gal danced to music.
  • We played with the dogs.
  • I scooped the dog pen too! (Nasty, but it has to be done.)
  • I cleaned a few baseboards.
  • I cleaned a few doors, geeze kids are hard on a house.
  • I played on the computer and visited the blog neighborhood, though not many were home.
  • I did puzzles with the kids.
  • Lil'Gal and I read a book together.
  • I went through my cookbooks and cooked up a new recipe.
  • I had a good day, I didn't lose patience or my mind, and I'm happy and fulfilled. 
  • I counted my blessings and boy, that took awhile.  I'm a lucky Gal.
I have to say, that I really enjoyed today.  I enjoy everyday.  But, quite often we are so busy with the schedules, the lists, and getting what needs to be done -- done, and on time.  It is enough to wear a Happy Gal out.  But, today was our schedule.  Sure, I had things I should have done like fold the laundry. 
But, hey?  We don't get the slowdown very often.  DH busted a walnut hauling rocks and working on the rock beds around the house while the wind was whipping aggravatingly.  Meanwhile, me and the kids enjoyed the day! LOL!  No, we helped with the rock beds some too.  But, we spent more time doing all the above.
All in all?  Not a bad day, huh?  No, not a bad day.  A fantabulously awesome, stress free, schedule free, enjoyable, do-whatever-we-want kind of day.  And, you just can't beat that!
Happy Saturday!



C said...

I always enjoy my day more when I interact with my that should be our job. But no we are expected to clean and fold clothes. That is why my house says in CHAOS, I choose to have fun more than I choose to clean. But my saying is "they are only little once" and one day they will be gone and I don't want to regret a single 'little' moment!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

brilliant move with the carrots, huh?????

Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a wonderful day. It is definitely good to slow down and appreciate life once in a while. Happy Holidays, and New Year's coming up!


Juggling Act said...

Yay for your day! Love days like that too.

Jennifer said...

How do you do it all!?! :)) I can't wait to play basketball with my kids. We got Tommy a little mini goal (he's only 21 months) and I am already wanting to get a big full size goal for our family, ha.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a FANTASTIC day! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds great!

How I cut the faces out? I used Gimp and just selected their faces w/ the elipsis (something like that) tool and then hit control x to cut it out. Then I just saved it. Easy. :P

Knight said...

I think it sounds like a wonderful day. You guys get a lot done in such a short time!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Sounds wonderful ... Sunday was my do-nothing day, which I needed *badly*

Back at work today, but pounding thru the stuff that mus be done, and I'm not grumbling, which means I am less stressed. :-)

Jennifer said...

Hey, I couldn't find your email address on your blog, so thought I would comment a reply to you...I use the web site, It's addicting and so much fun!

Tink said...

That sounds like an awesome way to spend a day! The kids will remember and appreciate it later too.