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Monday, December 8, 2008

Two Fisted Monday

This morning I have two hands wrapped around my two Cow & Sunshine mugs made for me by Gary over at his Potter's Blog. Each mug holds four 8oz cups of coffee (though, I still argue that half a cup gets lost via steam). And, I'm brewing another mini-pot's worth. I feel behind already. Ugh, I dislike that. Yesterday evening I had the intention of putting my article together that I fully researched and is ready to almost write itself.  (I so wish it would?  But so far -- it hasn't.  *sigh*)
But, since I'm waiting on my new glasses that will curb my double vision -- and I was having double vision -- I couldn't concentrate well enough and opted for folding laundry while watching reruns of "Charlie," as Sweet D calls it. (Two and a Half Men -- I just really like the show and the reruns always give me another chuckle.) Then I saw the zip top bags full of cash, checks and ticket stubs. Pooo!. Chicken Biskets! I have to count dollars and make sure all the money adds up and then calculate how many plates we will need, so far, for Friday's fundraiser. So, I hit it. Double vision and all. Let me tell you? It is hard to create a spreadsheet with two fingers over one eye. Oh, the double vision? Yeah, that's a whole other post. If you are curious, I'll blog about it. If not, well...I might blog it anyhow. So, this morning [pause] hang on, the second carafe is hot and full :-D  
Well, hard to type with two hands full of mugs so I'll put one down. Where was I? Oh, so this morning I wake up at 4:45 on the couch, in the computer room, covered in cash and stubs -- just kiddin'! And, I think to myself that I could get a jump on my day by an extra 45 minutes! Yeah! That'd be great! My mind says, "Um, FW? Your body might be ready to be all up and at-em? But, I'm not. So lay your hiney back down and shut your eyes."  So, grudgingly, I did as told. But, I'm up now. I'm secretly hoping DH will throw out the, "Honey, I'll take the kids this morning!" so I can save the extra 45 minutes of loading up hassles and round trip. That way, I can prepare for my interview this morning for another fab article and start writing the one I've already researched. Sweet D is coming out to visit and bring us some lunch. She doesn't know it yet? But, I'm so putting her on towel patrol. She already knows how I fold'em. :-D So, what's on your agenda today? And, how many cups will it take to get you there?
Happy "Manic" Monday!
[I'd post the You-Tube of the video by Cindi Lauper, but the rights to embedding reserved thingie.]



Jennifer said...

Hi! I've tagged you today on my blog, hope you play along! :) Going find me a Diet Coke now!!

Lis Garrett said...

I'm having a reeeaaalllyy hard time opening my eyes this morning, even though I've been up and around for over four hours now. I'd brew another pot of coffee if I thought it might help, but it'll only give me the jitters . . . and we're out of cream anyway!

I've put in my query for HARO, so I'm looking to have a FULL inbox this afternoon. :-)

Double-vision . . . icky! Do tell!

C said...

Well my agenda consists of continuing getting well(still only 1/2 way there), wrapping all of my gifts I got yesterday(not gonna happen) and have the bday party that didn't happen Saturday because I was running a fever.

I have to clean up my kitchen since you can't see the counter(ah-hem, I was sick you know), then I am gonna go for 1/2 a pot of some vanilla bean coffee. I have drank one M-80(monster) already. So after that I should be good to go.

Hopefully I will at the very least get the kitchen up to par. I am lucky that all that is stopping by for the little 'party' is family.

Happy start of the week!

Jennybean said...

Ugh- I would so like to be back in bed... maybe I need to take up coffee drinking?

Anonymous said...

Half a pot gone, sinuses are tight, too much to do...
So my dh calls to ask me a question, I run upstairs to get the answer, the bedroom is FREEZING COLD and I jump under the covers to keep from shivering, end of phone call and then snuggle in.... and wake up 90 minutes later. UGH.

Double vision? As in,

No, yours doesn't sound so fun.
So what is it??

Newt said...

3 cups of coffee not in a Gary mug (Those are up at the cabin). And my co-worker just came back to his deck with a cup of coffee. Ummm, gonna go get more. And YES I am blogging at work. I am guilty as charged. But, it's Monday, does anyone REALLY work on a Monday?

Double vision? ew yuck, do tell and I hope all is ok.

Baseball Mom said...

Sorry to read about double vision. Hope it gets better. Slow down mama!! Breathe! Have a wonderful day!!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh dear, you're right, it is one of those multiple coffee pot days!!!!
Thanks for all the plugs!!! :)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Argh on the eye sight -- been battling headaches for the last 3 days (I think 'cause I have been off blood pressure medicine but the doctor finally called in the RX today).

Was a lazy day here ... I'll try and better tomorrow (oops, I mean today)


Tink said...

Covered in cash! For a second there I thought you were going to tell us you were a sleep robber, er walker. ;)