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Monday, December 1, 2008

Wanna' know who I Really AM?

I do have a pretty unusual first name.  I've met a few with the same name over my lifetime.  A few I liked, other's I didn't and had to swear to people, "I'm not that [insert my name  here]."  
Anyhow, in an effort of professionalism I've listed my name with the articles I'm writing over at Lis's Root & Sprout.
This month, she even mentioned me on the front page under her editor's notes.  It should be easy to figure out which article mentioned there was written by me -- because I'm the germ freak, as you all know.
Anyhow, if you want to know my "True Identity" you will have to pop over to Root & Sprout Magazine and give it a read.  I've got a few articles in there.  If you skim the "In This Issue" you will see what I submitted and where to find it.  You will also find my true identity.  And, you will also find some other stuff you might enjoy reading.  And, GIVEAWAYS, as well! 
Happy Monday!
[Hey, when you find out, pop me a comment that you are in the know.  But DON'T's only for those who are motivated to check it out.  Except Gary, and Lis, of course, and Fairy Flutters, and tt, and kcinnova, and jay.  Aw, heck.  I'm not so secretive, after all.



Jennybean said...

I know...

Knight said...

I'm in the know! I'm in the know! What a COOL name!

Jay said...

Sings *I know your real name.* ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey congrats on all these articles you're writing!

tt said...

I think of you as 'Super_ _ _ _'!!!

Juggling Act said...

And since you ordered a CD from PP, I'm in the know :-) Awesome name. ...Will definitely head over to Root & Sprout to read your articles.

C said...

Shoot I am a bit late, but I know!! I really dig that name btw! Congrats, I would just love to be included in something like that. Oh how I love love to write. I think it is my passion. I never really thought that until recently.~C