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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fog and Impatience

Last night I tried to pop in and comment around blogville but the fog was thick and so service was hindered. Very slow. I was able to visit a few blogs but I couldn't reach the door bell to say "Hi!" Finally, I wrapped the children's couple of gifts from us to put them under the tree. I also tallied "Santas" givings and came up short on Farmer, Jr. but we threw in his birthday present (his birthday is ten days later) to even it all out. We'll pick up a something little from us for his birthday next week and then of course the party is from us. Lil'Gal woke at dark-thirty to discuss with me the facts that:
  • It's Christmas Eve
  • Our itinerary is to visit Sweet D and Uncle J get presents, return home, Christmas Pageant, got to BeBe's house for dinner and presents, then home to wait for Santa
  • There are new presents under the tree
  • I'm mean because I won't let her open her gifts now
  • Santa is mad at me
I got her back to sleep but not for long. She played musical beds last night too. She crashed and burned at first but apparently her subconscious knows there's a whole lot of gift giving about to begin and so she didn't sleep well. She visited DH also. I'm thinking to discuss the same as above with him. But, DH didn't hear because he sleeps so deeply. She then woke him to state that she was leaving because "you snore too loud Daddy." At which point, she returned to me in her room. Lil'Gal has no patience. She says it's Christmas Eve and so they should get to open their gifts now. I can tell this will be the issue all day until we get out of here to distract her. She likes "things." She likes "presents." She does not like "waiting." As I type, she returned to the computer room to hassle me some more share the fact that Farmer, Jr. has one more present than she does. By the look on her face this could be detrimental. So, I had to stop in the middle to go count with her (only two a piece from us cuz' Santa and everybody else does the rest). She double checked the labels, counted again, and was satisfied. Except for the part about having to wait to open them. I'm fearful if I head to the shower while DH and Farmer, Jr. are out that she will secretly steam open her gifts in her shower and then try to rewrap them (without the gift inside). Oh, she's only five. But, she's smart enough to pull this off. I also have that fabulous cookie dough recipe from Another Online Mom whipped up and chilling in my fridge. I'm wondering after I dress, how quickly I could roll it out and cut some shapes to bake and glaze before I begin making some rounds today. We have a full schedule. At least, "I" have a full scheduled. Can you believe it is almost 2009? This year blew by in a frenzy. I'm hoping to take time to smell the flowers in 2009 -- after I plant them, of course. I hope to pop in here later today with a family pic or maybe a "vlog" with me and the kids...or maybe, just me! To wish all of yours well and Happiness. Happy Christmas Eve!! This has to be the best Hump-Diggity Day in awhile, huh?


Tink said...

My Mom and her brothers (who were about 5 and 7 years older than her) used to sneak the presents out of my Grandma's closet, play with them, and then wrap them back up. She said Grandma could never figure out why they weren't more excited on Christmas morning.

Have a great holiday!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

your daughter is HILARIOUS! were like this when you were little?

Dianne said...

Lil' Gal is priceless!! Wonder where she gets all that spunk from!?

Merry Christmas sweetie

It is wonderful to have discovered you and your fantastic family this year

Karen said...

My sister was the un-wrapper and re-wrapper in our house. To this day (at 54) she can not let a present sit under the tree until Christmas day without knowing it's contents.
My girls shake everything within an inch of their lives, nothing breakable for them. Luckily they do not care about one more for one than the other. They get that one expensive thing may balance out two cheaper presents.
Merry Christmas to you and your whole gang on the farm!

Jay said...

My mom used to let us open ONE present on Christmas Eve. She got to choose though and it was ALWAYS PJs. Every. Single. Time. haha

Merry Christmas!