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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I dreamt last night.  I dreamt a lot of stuff and when Lil'Gal woke me to come snuggle with her at 4:00 a.m. I made a mental note to remember it all.  But, I can't.
I do remember I was working on a bunch of stuff (what's new) and I was typing up and editing of all things, an article, LOL!  I was adding hyperlinks.  Everything had to have a hyperlink.  Everything.  Hyperlink.
I kept thinking, "I gotta' finish this so I can get on the next one."  But, the hyperlinks were never ending.
Oh, the other dream.  I received a pretty little Christmas card from jay.  Well, that really happened.  But, it happened again in my dream and I thought to myself, "I've really got to get to those Christmas letters."
So, I guess I'm carrying a little stress about that.  If I get everything done today and tomorrow like "scheduled" I'll be right on track!  I like tracks.  Who doesn't?  Especially, when life is following them.  Being off track isn't so good.  It's a bumpy ride.  I don't like bumpy.  I tend to spill my coffee on bumpy days.  And, that just isn't fun -- in any way.  Hot.  Wet.  No fun.
Okay, now I'm just rambling.  Too bad there weren't any Hamsters in my dream.  :-)  Well, it is ButtPIE cold outside -- 33 degrees.  I'm making home made sausage biscuits for the youngins so they'll have something warm in their tummy as they head off to school.
Okay.  The biscuits are from a can -- but, the rest is from scratch.  
Happy Tuesday, and with that?  I leave you this!!!



Knight said...

Lucky kids!

Jennifer said...

My little girl comes in our room around 4am or 5am everyday...Most days I can't go back to sleep!

Anonymous said...

That was around the time I fell asleep. But I did have nice snuggles this morning with my youngest. Then I gave him cold medicine and a glass of warm milk and told him he could have hot breakfast at school!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

BLONDIE. ::Le sigh....::
hamsters get around don't they?

Juggling Act said...

Blondie. Nice!