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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back AWAY from the candy....

Seriously y'all? How much candy? Does one child [or even two] need? Even, at a healthy dose a day it would take several months for all of this to be consumed. Only, by then? There would have been two or more holidays, birthdays, and other sweetly intoxicated events and this bundle of "poison" would be 14 times this size.

Now, I'm not a fuddy duddy. As you can very well see below:

This is my daughter and she is happily partaking in a purple Valentine cupcake. And, that is fine. So long as it is ONLY one cupcake...and not prefaced and footnoted by un-numbered amounts of candy and a rainbow of additional cupcakes.

I just don't get it. Why does every event have to be "candy coated?" Particularly, when it comes to children. Just because they like it, doesn't mean they need it. As parents, we need to set the example. It is very hard as a parent to set boundaries when no one else [well, not "no" one, but so many] choose not to worry about it. So, Tom, Dick and Julie pile on the candy and they get to be the heros -- while I [being the responsible parent] get to be the "bad guy" and "hexed" by my children. It just isn't fair.

My son can tolerate his sugar pretty well. It might make him a little "wild" at the sugar rush and "gripy" at the sugar bust. But my Daughter? She grows horns. She becomes Satan's best friend. Her wings melt away and the halo does as well. She becomes like a "meth addict." She'll do "anything" for MORE. She will climb, scale, sneak, and literally break into anything and anywhere if she knows there is more of her "drug" to be found there. And, she really can't help herself. She is completely and totally "out of her mind." She'll set her brother up (oh, she is so the con-artist) and sit back when he takes the fall [whippin']....just waiting for her next chance to get at some more of that sweet "pixie dust."

You think I jest, but jest I do not. We have to lock her down and detox her. It is completely awful.

So, a little is fine. A peice or two. But, keep in mind that I wanna be the "hero" sometimes too and get to give a little candy instead of taking it away. So, the next time you are shopping for that party or event? Skip the candy isle. Hit the dollar store instead. The kids love the cheap crappy toys just as much [sometimes more] and they might even last a little longer. Oh, and they don't require detox.

One more thing. If you see these cute smiling faces begging you "Pleeaaase? May we have some candy?" Be strong. Furrow your brow. Put your fingers in your ears and holler "la-la-la" so that you will not fall under their trance....and slowly walk away.


1 comment:

Tink said...

Great suggestion. I remember the sugar demons my brothers would become after the school Valentines or Halloween parties. You'd ask them what they had and it would be all juice, cookies, candy, and cupcakes. The sheer abundance of it was gross!