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Friday, February 8, 2008

"Field Trip Friday"

Today was Field Trip Friday. All week we've been excited about "Field Trip Friday" because a) kids get to see a play, b) kids don't do much at school, c) kids get to go home early -- after the Field Trip and lunch.

Aubree awakes in the best of moods -- for once -- all is right in her world. Not a tantrum to be had. She is up and dressed without a single nag because today's field trip is to see the play "Sleeping Beauty."

I drop the kids at school and run an errand to the grocery store, then return to the school with an hour plus to spare so I sit back in the truck and read. Ahhhhhh, a luxury. Just as I am finally getting into the good part of the book (I've been trying to complete for the last two weeks) I hear the voices of happy, gleeful children. Field Trip time.

So, the play was okay. For that type of interpretation (I never knew one of the three fairies was a guy; he was dressed up like Tinkerbell, only with shorts, and he seemed a little too giddy about it. Hmmmm, childhood fantasy?) Meanwhile, in getting ushered to our seats, Aubree gets suddenly "stung/bit" by some unknown insect type creature. She said it looked like a brown dragon fly. The culprit could not be found, but did leave a nice red puncture in the side of her cheek. Not the best way to start the field trip...and me without Benadryl. [What kinda' mother am I?]

So, the children were pretty good but I found myself becoming very restless and very bored. I usually enjoy these things but this one was a little "out of my element?" And, I am constantly under the sensation that things are crawling on me [picturing scorpions, honey bees, wasps and spiders).] After a pretty much excrutiating LONG hour and a half (both due to the play and the fact that I am wearing two 50 lb children in my lap), we head to the park for playtime and lunch.

Bees have taken over the trash cans there. Bees are also tending to our sandwhiches for us. I have a fear of things that fly and sting. And, things that swim and can bite. Basically, I fear anything that is faster than me and can inflict pain. Thank goodness there is an understanding father who tends to my trash for me as I am "physically unable" to approach the BEE infested can.

The kids eat, play, and have fun. Now it is time to head home. This is when it gets ugly. Whining, crying, fighting, fussing, w-h-i-n-i-n-gggggggg. I think my head is going to explode or implode -- I'm not sure which, but there will be some type of "ploding." We arrive home, finally. I leave children in vehicle and enter the house, (They can fend for themselves and I'll get 15 seconds of "quiet" Fight-Whine free time).

Daughter continues to whine, all through the house, closed in her room, while eating snack, and so on. Spank her, offers her Dad via the telephone. (It's sooo easy for him.)

So, here I sit with myself locked and hiding behind the office door, entering my blog for the day -- hoping she won't actually find me -- I've left her to torture her brother [Again, what kind of mother AM I?] Here are a couple pics of my children while they were still wearing the "halos." (Oh CRAP! She found me...) Oh, she only wants Orange Juice...I mean "Ooorraaaange Ju-i-c-eeeeee!"

Happy Friday!


1 comment:

Knight said...

AH! I would be hiding too. Is it just a part of the age she is at? You sound like a great mom to me. Sounds like you spend a lot of time with your kids.