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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Good Friends and Good Food

Today we had some good friends make it into town unexpectedly. A, quick and short trip. But as has almost become a ritual/tradition, we all met together at the local (and favorite) Bar-b-que joint. Well, it's a little classier than a joint.

But they do serve your meal [of meat] on butcher paper with the following sides: large onion wedge, thick tomato slice, pickle, and of course a staple in South Texas -- a jalapeno; a bowl of pintos and a slice or two of bread.

So here is how we spent a nice and enjoyable evening:

Dinner with
good friends...

"Table for
eleven please? "

Ice cream and beer....
Ice cream for the kids....

The Beer, of course, for the rest of us.

An aftermeal swing.....
And, the reason for getting together....

Friends, neighbors, Great-grandparents, farmers....
Staples in our community -- and great history too.

We love you Mr. and Mrs. A

1 comment:

R.E.H. said...

Now you got me craving a good BBQ - and there is none to be had around here! ;)