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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

WWC: 02-25-08; Wood & Metal

New Mail Box:

Antique Tractor Marque: (This one's my first favorite)

Wood & Rebar and Pickets:

More wood and Rebar:

Fence Post and Wire: (This one's my second favorite)

Okay, this one is actually one I wanted to use at last week's WWC (Curve) but I could never get a good shot. But, I put it here since I finally captured it. The telephone poles are wood and the "Curve" sign is metal ;)

That's all folks! Back to my housekeepin'!

Happy Tuesday (Oh, I'm sure I'll have more to say later)


Jay said...

I like the fence post photo best. All of them are great though.

Newt said...

Wow, I do like the fence post - that is awesome. And the "Curve" I especially like the crooked telephone pole.

Tink said...

RE: Your comment >>Beer and sauerkraut?<<

I think that's German. LOL!

I love the tractor. Too cool.

R.E.H. said...

Thumbs up on the tractor pic. That thing is cool.

Great shots in all - the fence and the road with the sign... that sure looks like a desolate road.

Chatty said...

The very first thing I do when I visit a new blog is to read the "about me" portion. I LOVE yours - it's funny and sweet, and optimistic and enthusiastic and appreciative of life's blessings. I bet you are a wonderful person to know, and it sounds as if your life is blessed with lots of good things, most importantly friends and family. And, your outlook on life is probably a big reason you attract blessings! OK, stopping now, but I'll be back to read lots more later! As to the photos, I like them all, but, like you, I immediately gravitated to your two favorites - although the rebar is almost like a collapsed piece of sculpture - pretty cool! And the new mailbox is a perfect combo too. Thanks for dropping by my blog, and for your kind words. Please come back to visit when you can, as I will be coming to visit you. It's wonderful the way common interests lead to finding kindred spirits in the blog universe, isn't it?

Chatty said...

Oops - forgot to check the "email box" - just in case you ever need to find me ; )