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Saturday, February 9, 2008

There is no pic today. Although, I did take a few. My children playing with their cousin...the beautiful, gorgeously, fantastic sunset the Lord provided as a "peaceful" sign to me. But, no picture post tonight.
Tonight's blog is dedicated to one of the most amazing, loving, loveable, respectable, classy all the while totally down to earth, women that I know. This woman, is my Mom-in-law.
She is the epitomy of the mom I want to be. She is respected because she is a respectable person, she is accepting, she is stern when needed. She is inclusive. I feel as much as a child of hers as her own. She reprimands (though, with the softest of tact) and she glorifies...all of us.
She is understanding. She is consoling. She is supportive. She is unequivalently fair -- I love her truly. I worry for her...she is as much a parent to me as my own, and equally as much a mother.
She is grace and yet total earthy hilarity. She'll entertain a good glass of wine with a delicate hand, or, just as easily an ice cold beer on a hot sundry day.
Today, we had a scare. She was pitched off a horse. She has been riding horses (although, not as frequent the last multiple years) since she was a young girl. There is a picture her father took of her when she was much younger, where she looks like a rodeo Princess. She belongs there, a-top that beautiful steed.
My husband says, "They are too old to be riding's dangerous...what if this and what if that." The way I see it? I picture the two of them [my Dad-in-law and herself] trotting softly across their ranch. Stopping to admire the blue bonnets, the catfish flipping in the pond...listening to the cows as they bellow and catching a beautiful sunset. They deserve that. Alas, she might not ever stride a horse again. Not because she is unable but because the rest of us will probably wraggle with her out of our own fear.
She is in the hospital tonight. A few broken ribs, a punctured lung...Today, while lying in the pasture she didn't hardly wince as nearly as much pain as she felt. She is a truly strong woman. She scared me today. Because, I can't fathom life without her in it. She is my compass. I learn from her daily.
She'd hate that I shared this with "the world" which is just the few people who know me or are coming to know me. So, please don't tell all. But, if you know me and you know her....please share in much I love her, respect her, and hope to be just a little more like her each and every day. She is an example to strive for. Yet, she doesn't really see herself that way.


R.E.H. said...

That's awesome, how she would ride a horse as an elder (not sure how old, but I got the idea she was older than most people who would ride horses).

Hope she's doing ok.

Krishna said...

OMG, I'm so sorry. I hope she heals quickly and with little long lasting problems. Just do what you can for her when she gets home. Make dinner a couple nights for them and drop it off, don't linger too much. she will really appreiate it. Hugs to yall.

bandnhurt said...

How scary! Mary Ann always fondly recalls their horse rides together. I hope she is doing better and is home soon. Tell all we are thinking of them. What a lovely tribute! You make me cry. She is a very special woman.

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks y'all. I spent the whole day today cooking casseroles to freeze to ease things when we get her home. Until, my son's school called. Apparently, he injured himself somehow -- originally thought to be a tummy illness -- it was really close to the "pork and beans." But, MD says all is well.

And, with all that? Another day gone.