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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WHOO-HOO Wednesday!!

So, as I was reading comments yesterday on my newest blog posts I received the sweetest comment from Chatty. In reading her comment I was reminded that "I am a Glass Half Full Gal" and yet, lately? I've been doing a lot of griping. She didn't say anything about me being gripy. But I was so toasty and warm that I kinda' came to it on my own. (BTW? I love ALL your comments. Thanks tons for reading me).

So, today's blog is "Whoo-hoo Wednesday!" And, will be about all the "whoo-hoo" moments of today. Oh, I might sneak a boo-hoo or maybe one gripe in there, but I'll try really hard to limit them :).

So, on we go:

1) I slept most the night! Whoo-hoo!

2) Everyone in the house woke up on the right side of the world and in a good mood! Whoo-hoo!

2) The new coffee I was not fully sure about? Tasted really good this morning. Whoo-hoo!

3) Daughter told me "Let's not be cranky today, OK? Mama? We'll all get along and be nice -- Deal?" (She is four and a half years old and always making deals. She's good at it too, and YES. She makes you shake on it.) Happy Daughter? Whoo-hooo!

4) All the idiot drivers took "an alternate" route today -- BIG Whoo-hoo!

5) The Highway Patrol who turned his lights on behind me? Wasn't really after me. He was after the guy in front of me. Definate Whoo-hoo and "shew!"

6) This is always a good thing to see:

So, we received a re-imbursement check
for an over payment.
Hubby let me have the whole thing!

Whoo-hoo! Spending money!

Love you Honey!! [SMOOCH]

7) "Big Brother" comes on again tonight. Back to Back BB - Whoo-hoo!

8) I figured out how to code a link in my post without having to "plagerize it" or just type the whole html. Feelin' pretty brainy! Whoo-hoo!

9) All this good news came about before it was even noon! (Like my rhyme?)

I hope you TOO can count some "Whoo-hoos" in your day today! Happy Wednesday!

(And I still have a whole half a day to go!)


captain corky said...

"The new coffee I was not fully sure about? Tasted really good this morning. Whoo-hoo!"

Now that's something to cheer about! I heart coffee.

R.E.H. said...


Yeah, I had a couple things to be happy about today, I guess - but mostly my day stunk ;)

After next week, my Woo-Hoo count should rise significantly!

Leighann said...

I am your polar opposite. Not only is my glass half EMPTY, but most likey someone left it sitting around and I'LL have to be the one to take it to the kitchen and wash it!

Congrats on so many "woohoo's" before noon!!

Knight said...

After reading your last couple blogs I can't stop thinking about this Folgers Gourmet coffee you speak of. I must try it.