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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chore away a beautiful day?

This morning when we left for church we were all dressed in boots, warm pants and sweaters or knit tops/shirts. It was in the 40s. When we got home (noon-ish after CCD and all) it's now in the 80s. This is how the weather goes down here in big ol' South Texas.

It is absolutely gorgeous! The kids are smart. First thing they did was change into play clothes and head straight out to their swingset tower.

I'm jealously watching them as I see my stainless appliances smeared and needing polishing. The toilets are due for a scrub and the mirrors have acquired splatter from small children wrecklessly brushing their teeth...and wrecklessly washing their hands.

As I entered the house, I swaped laundry loads on my way to change into "my" play clothes. Today, I actually have dawned my shorty-shorts, a matching T-shirt and my tennis shoes (always, gotta be fashionable, even if it just around the house for chores).

While walking through the house picking up tidbits of toys and disheveled junk inappropriately placed....I'm thinking how I'd love to just sit out on the back porch with my new book and read. While watching the kids play (and fight). But, also while walking through the house I can't help but notice little tiny pieces of "dust and matter" that are begining to speckle across my floor.

See, this is what I do to myself. I tell myself I'll kick back and sit back right after I finish [insert next project/chore] and it goes like that until I have "chored" away an entire beautiful day. Today, I'm going to do things differently.

While so many things are "nagging in my mind" that I need to tend to them right away, I'm going to make myself sit out on my beautiful back porch (where we are still lacking landscaping). And look out at the kids playing [fighting again] and out over the empty fields patiently awaiting to be planted, and start my new book.

(See? Not a single cloud in the sky)

And, in an effort to relax and calm my nagging brain I think I will treat myself to one of these as well. Just kinda' fits the afternoon and the whole "kick back and relax" idea.

(This is my plan....we'll see how it actually goes.) Get out there and have some fun today, even if it's not quite as sunny your way!


R.E.H. said...

Oooh... that's a bottle of Shiner! Who was that, who recommended I try one of those? Well, it reminded me I should anyway ;)

Yeah, you take some time off from your chores and enjoy a good book (and that Shiner).

Krishna said...

Yes, it was a beautiful day. Too bad I don't like beer or I'd have come out and enjoyed one with ya!