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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What's important about today?

My mind popped awake at 2:30 this morning and I couldn't go back to sleep. I considered leaving the warmth of my bed to sign-on the computer in hopes of falling alseep on the keyboard...or, staggering my way to the couch after "almost" falling asleep on the key board. But, I stayed in the warmth and comfort of my bed. Tossing now and then. Tossing back again. [siiiiggggggghhhhhhh], checked my indiglo backlit watch. Each time another 30 minutes has somehow counted itself out. I hate nights/mornings like this. So, what could possibly be on my mind that is stealing me away from the sleep I so need? Let's see. Today we are closing on our house. That's something important. I'm making pigs in the blanket for breakfast so I need to be "up" a few minutes early. That's kinda' important. Seems like there is something else. [alarm goes off, FINALLY, at 5:45....usually, I stay for a snooze but today I get up]. I head to my son's room to wake him to shower [he's six and he still likes to shower in our big shower with Daddy] but he is exhausted and refuses to climb out of bed. I wake my daughter, and she snorts and gripes, and actually "Shushes" me. She is four and a half. I head back, make coffee, preheat the oven, return to our master bath to putty the crows feet and paint my face on. [Okay, I don't really look that bad. Pretty good, I'd say, for 35. But, I'm working on preventative maintenance.] And, there sits a card. An Anniversary card. From my sweet DH. I didn't even get him a card. I'd planned [still am] to make him I'm often expressive in rhyme. So, today he is giving me a house....well, we are giving it to each other but I get the biggest part. And, I am empty handed. I just didn't know what to get for him this year. He's often so hard to buy for. He's got huntin' gear and he owns half of "Home Depot" and "Lowes" at this point (new house and all). I'm thinking I'll make him a "coupon" for a full body massage. If you've any ideas that are "inexpensive" and can be put together at short notice and/or purchaseable at "Walmart" please do share a.s.a.p. (In case you were curious, we've been together 13 years: dated for three, engaged for one, married now for nine.)


Anonymous said...

Happy 9th Wedding anniversary! Well, I would encourage you to give him a surprise hug(from behind)and kiss him :)

By the way, thanks for the encouragement (It brightened me up!)

Scottifer said...

Oh no sis!!! Let's see maybe a nice leatherman. He may have one already. But they rock! I can't think of anything else practical. Happy Anny. Lates!

Lil Brother.