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Monday, February 11, 2008

Manic Monday: Anyone have the # for "Incredibles?"

ONCE AGAIN, my brain clicks and my mind "pops" awake at 2:30 this morning. I am so desperate for a full nights sleep! Why, why, WHY? I toss, I turn....I toss back again. Now, my DH is snoring....ughgh. This is day three, four? No, wait...I think day six now, that this has been happening. Finally, 5:00 a.m. comes along and, of course, then, I fall back asleep. What a tease.

Please tell me I am not falling back into that pattern again. I am heading to Ambien world? Insomnia is not new to me....just entirely unacceptable since I have birthed children. The world is no longer in your complete control when you have children. Because a) they don't follow the program; rather, they make it up as they go b) You don't CONTROL the program...oh, you might think? But, really, you've adapted to "theirs." c) patience requires lots of rest; sleep is an essential to your children (and your own) mental sanity and survival.

In high school? I'd be up all night long without even knowing it -- homework, folders, organizing things, re-arranging my room, re-folding my clothes to re-organize my chest of drawers, color coding my closet, and so forth....until, the alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. Then, I'd realize, oops, I've been up all night. Head to shower and primp, eat my raisin bran and read the comics and then drive to school. (I had zero hour, over acheiver and all).

So it was today. Although, I actually layed in for the first snooze... Then, jump up and leave sweet daughter in bed behind me. Dress, paint face, stumble for kids clothes (usually set out the night before), and make breakfast. Take kids to school, longing and promising myself that when I get home? I'm gonna' fall out on the couch for a 30 minute catch up. But, I don't.

Today is my only "free day." Sure, lots of stuff on the list but no actual errands to run if I can wing it all correctly. That way, I can spend the day stocking away casseroles for my in-laws to help cover meal times when she gets back home. I tick and click away the phone calls while defrosting meat and grating cheese. I'm a quick witt and finding I'm quite full of myself and my efficiency.

THEN? The phone rings and the caller ID says it's the school. CRAP. So, now I'm changing plans and picking up BOTH children since it isn't fuel efficient to leave one for one hour over the other. Scramble to preserve my "masterpeices" clean and have GodMother sit for Dear Daughter (who, had once again lost her halo) so that I can spend three to four hours to find out my son will not die tonight...but should I have not taken him into the MDs I would have forever adorned the title "BAD PARENT" if his injury was of importance. Turns out....not stomach virus, no great medical issue -- he merely "injured" [bruised most likely] the very dear nearness to his "pork and beans." But, the below the navel part. My son of course could not for the likes of himself "recall" just when this incident did happen. Either way, $20.00 co-pay and four hours now behind in my schedule....he's healthy.

Thank goodness I had kept the scrapped together of a partial casserole, and threw together what turned out to be a tasty dinner. But, no book was read and as the clothes had been put on hold (and, I had lost those four hours I was gonna' make up for it with) the kids are short a shirt here and some pants there, and maybe a sock or two [I HATE SORTING SOCKS])...the kids did get to watch their 20 minute allotment of video [which I expanded to a whole 60 minutes] while I cleaned the kitchen, made lunches, changed the laundry to find the "missing clothes" and all the while DH has to leave at 10:00pm to fumigate a ship at 1:00 a.m. And, I'm complaining I get no sleep.

Just another Manic Monday (is that Cindy Lauper I hear in my head?) And, I'm thankful for it.

By the way, I tried this thing? And, it only receives calls...It doesn't "actually" call the INCREDIBLES....What a sham...[LOL, but don't tell my daughter ;) She still believes]


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