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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Late Night Ramblings of an Insomniac

Here I am AGAIN. And, it's 11:03 pm. I wanna' be in bed....falling asleep to my typical shows and reading till I drop my book and roll over on it when I wake up at 2 or 3:am. BUT, I had to fold all that laundry. (Okay, I didn't fold it ALL. But, I did hang everything and place it in the closet to which it belonged....but, I saved the towels. They need special attention, after all. If you've been reading me for know and understand this.) So. WHAT is keeping me here? WHAT is keeping me up, way past my bedtime...and why am I on the computer watching late night T.V. while DH is in bed? This is waaayyyy back-ass-ward. 1) DH is probably snoring and I always have to "wait out" the snore factor if I don't beat him to sleep. 2) Possibly, I am concerned about my MIL's discomfort and constantly wondering if she will "actually" get some sleep tonight. 3) Maybe, it's because my daughter has appointments tomorrow for updated urology tests and then we discuss the "options." All of which, I am thinking are not my preference. My preference would be that she be fantastically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally, perfect in every way. Hey, I'm an optimist. 4) The late night hot shower stimulated my mind and body and now I have to go through the cooling period to let myself relax into sleepful oblivion. 5) The sleep aid hasn't kicked in yet. 6) The wine isn't helping the sleep aid kick in. 7) I'm still a little disturbed about "putting off" the folding of the towels. 8) I'm trying to stay up so late until I'm passing out tired [drunk/drugged] so that I actually make it to the bedroom without checking "all" the locks on all the doors again....hoping to break the "habit." (Secretly, this never works, cuz' when I "pop" at 3:am and roll over to go back to sleep -- I remember that I "forgot" to triple check....then, I lay there thinking about it....until I do. I know, I'm a freak.) 9) My mind won't stop talking to me. 10) I can't decide between egg & cheese stuff crescent rolls or french toast for the kids for breakfast in the morning. (What I make decides if I get the extra 10 minutes or not). Okay, so checked on DH and he is actually waiting for me to come to bed and beat him to sleep! He's watching old country music classics! You'll know I found my peaceful sleep if I'm not back in ten). Or, at 3:00 a.m. Oh, heavenly sleep here I come right after I check the locks.


R.E.H. said...

11:03 PM. That would be getting to bed REAL early if it were me. I never get to bed before midnight...

Tink said...

I take Ambien. Most nights it's the ONLY way I'll get to sleep. There are always too many things to do: laundry, dishes, paperwork, blogging. Sometimes I wonder if we were better off before we became so... involved. :)

Farmer*swife said...

r.e.h.: Ahhhh, I remember when 11pm didn't seem late to me either. That was the pre-kid era. Not sure what makes the difference now.

I think it is my nightly fear that I am going to pop awake in the middle of the night and never be able to get back to sleep.

Which, is what has been happening again lately.

tink: I have Ambien :0). It was the only way I could break the cycle last year. I remember playing musical couch/beds around the house and would end up lying there waiting to hear my coffee pot trickle.

I just have to take it so early or else I'll end up "sleep driving" the kids to school, etc. [Dangerous, yikes!]

I'm thinking I will be having an Ambien night Thursday or Friday though....ugh. To break this cycle again.

What is it now days that we just can't make our minds shut "off?"

(P.S. Thanks for reading my blogs!)

Scottifer said...

SIS! Really the lock thing is weird. I wish I was there to unlock one or two of them just to freak you out. =) Hugs and kisses to the family from Uncle Scott.

Krishna said...

actually, i take 1/2 an ambien at bed and then the other half around 3 am or so. my neighbor takes 6 benadryl at bedtime. maybe you need some trashy novels to help you fall asleep!

Farmer*swife said...

scottiferScott gets furious when he tries to go outside late at night to "relieve" himself (country boy thing) because the deadbolt is locked in addition to the door lock.

I've told him, "Why is it there if I'm not supposed to lock it?

It probably stems from some repressed childhood trauma (of which, there are so many).

krishna I'll try the 1/2 at a time thing.