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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So, how many of you actually have ever watched/watch Big Brother? It is the only reality TV show I actually watch and stick with. I like Survivor but I have lost interest. After Rupert was gone, well it just wasn't the same. And, the amazing race is alright but I'm typically only a watcher when there is nothing else on.

I'm watching as I'm blogging and I'm wondering if I'm actually going to like any of these characters. I usually like the twists, but I'm not sure about this whole "cupid season." And, what is up with starting in February? Big Brother, after all begins in the summer.

OK, so, I like the blonde girl and her ex, the cute military guy -- I hope they rekindle their romance. Oh, and the "ex-model" now in her late 40s totally needs to chill out. The Guy is NOT your "real soul mate." It's just part of the show theme this season. He's your "show partner." She's totally flippin' out cuz' she didn't get set up with one of the 20+ year old hottie guys! Shame on her, honestly, she's old enough to be their Mama. See? It's that easy, NOW....I'm hooked again.

Takes me back to my first summer as a Big Brother Junkie. It was the second season (previously I was a high-powered business woman owning a business in the legal field. I'd managed it since about 19 or 20 and owned it since I was 25. Early bloomer, I know.) Then, I became pregnant. And, shortly after birth [six months shortly], I became pregnant again. My hubby was working the 24-7 plan during harvest that year. And, seeing as I was very pregnant, tired, and unable to drink beer [or other spirits] I pretty much stayed....home and crashed early in bed. THUS, I found an unexpected love for this "world" of people and how they relate, manipulate, flirt, scam, cheat, "shomance," and I rooted for those honest few. But the best party was that I got to watch from the "side lines."

It's like real life, only from the comfort of my home and without having to play it in the real world. Oh, but I must say I never have and never will like "Dr. Will." He's a total A-hole, Face-hole, and he thinks he's all this and all that just cuz' he knows how to inject botox and maybe build a new nose [and maybe a few other cosmetic surgical procedures]. (He was on two previous BB series).

So, I will sit, stand, walk from room to room with each T.V. on three nights a week. All, to keep up with the lives of these people I do not know, while managing my own life and household. And, hoping all the same that the most deserving wins.

Enough about that. On to today. It was good, although, once again, off track....ughghgh! Why am I being tested so? But, I handled, I maintained, I change plans [kinda'] spontaneously...and I held my own. All except for this:

Yes, the nagging cart of laundry. I've been folding this stuff all week and yet it is unending, un-yielding? Because of the unexpected time conflictions the past few days it has sat, filling up with new clean clothes faster than I can fold and assert them to their proper locals'. In the back of my mind it is constantly there driving me nutty. But, I'll fix that tonight....even, if it keeps me up "past my bedtime." (Way, WAY, past my bedtime...but [sigh] I'll just wake up at 2-3:am anyhoo.) Maybe the laundry cart will "reset" that time clock.

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