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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just some things about Saturday....

Saturday...hmmmm....pretty good day, all in all. "KNIGHT RIDER" the new movie is on replay on T.V. tonight. Does anyone else remember watching Knight Rider? I looooovvvved that show. Oh sure, David H. was nice lookin' and I kinda' had a kiddie crush on him. But, my true love? KIT!!! Of course, his voice wasn't as masculine as this new KIT. But, I loved him the car just the same.

I remember I told my mom that ONE day? I was gonna' build cars like that. She replied in that supportive way a lot of moms do "Honey? You can do anything you set your mind to. You're gonna' do great things" and some more of that. I re-assured her that I would build cars like this OR be President. What childhood dreams, right? And, I believed that I would.

Anyhoo, I digress. I guess it's cuz I know someone might find me interesting....or just skim through the "blow" parts.

So, about my Saturday:

1) Sometimes kids are so easy to please. I'm Super Mom today. Thanks to a cool water gun and a pooch that fits in a purse.

2) I made dinner for my Fav-in-laws. Didn't get a call back....hmmmm, hope it tasted ok.

3) I got to run an errand to do something important for a BFF; and, I owed it to her [from two years ago] since I had her hit her Wal-mart unexpectedly to pick up the "last" kiddie drum set for my son's 4th birthday party. (I was having an agoraphobic day today; so, that's a big deal to me.)

4) Cuz' I had to go to Walmart anyway? I got to pick up a case of Shiner Bock. I was down to my last one!!! [Yikes]

5) Since I was there? I even picked up a case of Michelob Ultra Light for DH as I remembered he was going to hang out with the guys on the tail gates and cook meat on a pit again. (For those of you who don't do that regularly, it is a fun thing to do....drinkin' beer and grilling meat is like re-living a superbowl party anytime you feel like it).

5) Mmmmm, still thinkin' about beer and grilling meat....I can smell it and taste it.

6) Kids are watching video and I have cable and the computer ALL TO MYSELF....

7) THE GOOD: I've confirmed a hypothesis. THE BAD: I'm afraid of the phone. This one earns a blog post of it's own....yes, it's that abnormally paranoid unique of a phobia.

As much as I want to share tonight, the kids say the video is, I'll save it for "manana." (Spanish is hard in blogger world without the little "nya" symbol).


captain corky said...

HI, I'm Corky, can we be friends?

I enjoyed reading your Saturday post! A nice grilled steak would go great with the beer I'm already drinking.

Also, I noticed that on the list of your favorite TV shows, Smallville and Star Trek were nowhere to be found...

Oh well, I'm sure this was just a small little oversight that will be rectified in the morning. ;)

R.E.H. said...

Afraid of the phone?

Now, I can't wait to read all about that particular phobia ;)

Farmer*swife said...

Hi Captain Corky! [I'm all giddy cuz' I have a new reader!] I loved Star Trek back in the day...and the Next Generation is good too. But for awhile I was limited to the "networks" so I'm a net work junkie now.

I run my weekly routine around it/them :) It fits my "pattern."

And, my anxiety is down as the writers are back. I was gettin' a little off kilter there for awhile.

r.e.h. Okay, I've revealed my fear of the phone. (Anxious to read newest comments to that novel anon/unsigned posted...but, first I have to let my daughter do my hair.) I NEEEED a lap top!