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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Weather, Sleep and Children...are unpredictable

So, I am too tired to blog tonight. I took a pic or two of the "BIG STORM" that was comin' and blowing it's way in this afternoon. Thinking that'd be my "big story and pic of the day." Five hours later I see a little lightening but none of this GREAT BIG RAIN we were expecting. That's bad math for meteorologists down here -- they catch a pretty bad wrap, 'specially from us farming group.

Anyhow, I've been ready to pass out comfortably in my bed...with a book I entend to read but know I won't actually start cuz' I'll fall asleep to whatever is on cable (should that big, bad storm not scramble the signal). I know it is VERY early...but, my daughter woke me before 6:am on a ONLY day to sleep in, unresponsibly...till, like, maybe 7:30ish. CRAP!

Tonight, Hubby is catching up on the farm report and local gossip with the "buddies" -- which means drinking beer while sitting on tailgates and watching something cook on a pit. Kids have comandeered "my" bedroom seein' as it has one of the only two DVD players hooked up so far...and, I am killin' time on the computer. Can't even think of anything fun to look up. Already checked all my FAV blogs but too tired to "comment" on somethin'. And, too tired and lazy to figure out anything new for my "MYSpace" my BFF has enticed me into.

Maybe tonight I will grab that book afterall....hit the couch and pass out to cable there. I'll leave it to dear DH to re-locate the sleeping childen to their own beds, and while he's at it he can "re-locate" his Dear Sweet ME to my appropriate sleeping place. Would he and could he be so kind?

OH, WAIT. I forgot to review my lesson plan for CCD tomorrow (hmmm, wonder if I can cramm first thing in the morning -- no, that's just not me). So much for my "pass out" fantasy.

Ngt y'all. If you wake during the night, or if you sleep straight through -- hope you think/dream of me! And, if you do? Think/Dream about me sleeping blissfully -- positive thoughts and re-inforcement are very appreciated after all.


1 comment:

Krishna said...

check out my pic of that stupid storm! I so wanted rain!