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Saturday, February 23, 2008

"SLEEP-IN" Saturday!

So, everyone in the house was pretty much exhausted last night. No one has been sleeping well (little ones included). DH has had allergies keeping him up through the night....which has been keeping ME up through the night. In addition to my "3:00a.m." typical wake up and watch the clock insomniac pattern I've fallen back into. BUT, last night/this morning? Everyone slept!!!! My dear sweet daughter actually slept herself, until almost 7:am [typically, Saturday mornings are the mornings she chooses to hassle me starting at 5:45 in the morning]. She did venture into our room to inquire if she may have "milk and cheerios?" I would have gladly agreed to anything just to get her back "out" of our room -- I'm so bad, right? After listening to her clank around in the kitchen she ate her cheerios and then returned to her room to play. WOW!! DH and I continued to lay there and just enjoy the quiet and comfort of the fresh, clean, crisp sheets I had made the bed with yesterday afternoon. My dear son loves to sleep in on Saturday mornings. Daughter also dared to venture into his room to tease him into waking and playing with her -- to which he howled and growled until she left him alone. I could hear this all the way across the house. So, we actually got out of bed around here at about....wait for ready? 7:45 a.m.!!!! WHOOOO-hooooooooo!!! [Happy Dance, break it down!] "Go me-E, Go me-E! Got some sle-EEP, Got some sle-EEP! Whoop! Whoop! [Now I'm jumping up wildly attempting to do those cheerleader jumps. But, I look quite rediculous because my legs don't seem to bend that way anymore and I don't have much spring left in my calves. But, I'm jumping!! And, I'm cheering, just the same!!] Oops, I think I pulled something. Anyhoo, after making some breakfast I called to check in on my MIL and she had a pretty good night last night [first night back at home, and all]. So, I am joyfully escstatic about that too! To top it off, this is Saturday and I usually don't have a "list" on Saturday. It's the one day I kinda' take off as best as I can. And, the first thing I chose to do was visit and share with all of you. Happy Saturday (I'm sure I'll be back later to post about some crazy happening of the day.)

1 comment:

R.E.H. said...

How would you respond if I told you I slept til 11AM this morning?

Of course, I didn't hit the sack before 3:30Am, so...

Have a great Saturday!