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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Inanimate Things I Enjoy (tis' me)

So, tonights blog is about the inanimate [I sware it should be spelled inantimate] things I enjoy. This is my blog tonight because some of these things are "usually" easily enjoyed...don't talk back, don't bitch, don't cause means to put you on valium or whatever your personal [possibly illegal] "vice" may be. These are just all and happy things ready and willing to serve and be observed. Read with a grain of sugar, or salt, if is your preference.

Some all time FAVS. Germ X (I find security and calmingness in owning and the obsessive use of this product) it exists within my home, my vehicle, kids backpacks, and my purse.

Pine-Sol (and bleach which I NO LONGER mix together, in any way due to a bad childhood experience), GAIN dryer sheets --mmmmm, can smell them now (or possibly my shirt), Yucateca "Habanero" hot sauce (which in no way fits in this scene but I was craving it...Habanero is my bestest food friend)....and then the wine and the Shiner, both "joint" and "indivisably" are a household staple.

My pencil sharpener (and stapler, although it only got credit as it shares the space), the "Daily Word" that keeps me on track to the gates of heaven as I obtain wonderful daily notes to include in my children's lunch pails each day -- and, my OCD -- sharpened pencils. [You truly have to be me, to understand me...but, I do NEED them. They are a center to my sanity.]

Below is my "magical" dishwasher. Which seems so insignificant to so many in so many ways. But, I WAS the dishwasher for a family of four, [for ten years] with young "pre" school age children who provided and unending sink full of dirty dish and dish-like items....and I am a germ-a-phobe, who had to constantly soak them in 110 degree water before I could attempt to wash them and accept them as "clean." (And, I can't leave out my favorite glass cleaner -- streak free -- my granite polish, and my stainless steele polish -- luv'em! And, they really wanted to be in the picture.)

Ahhhhhh, my technology that makes me feel as if I am still "a host for a brain" and allows me to google, text, blog, "myspace" and take the occasional "actual" phone call....

My very last, and proudful hunt...without eyes' splitting for children, or a camera as my weapon. It reminds me, I "am" still armed...and once, was actually dangerous.

The deer "shed" chandeleir (sp) given to my DH and myself by my inlaws for our "birthdays." It is lights our dining area perfectly....I've always wanted one. And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I think of my Mom and Dad-in-law "an extra time" each time I see it in my day. Because I have the truly, most precious, most loving and loveable, most supportive, most understanding -- "I would hate to live any further than next door from them" -- parent-in-laws in the world.

So once again, with all the goop going on right now....I have discovered my glass is "well over" half full. I hope, pray, wish, [am open to other wisdoms] and even "superstition" that today fills your glass and you find it no less than half full.

If your Monday brings you gloom and glum, look around. Remember the little things we tend to over look and, think about how lucky you are to at least have them. It might brighten your day. It always works for me. Happy Monday.


Krishna said...

LMAO.... I bet S had no idea what he got himself into when he married someone with OCD....btw, I love the way red wine smells, but can't stand the taste.

Tink said...

Too many of your favorite things are cleaning supplies, I think we need to get you out to the mall. ;)