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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Touche' Tuesday: The Pizza Party

Today, is "Pizza Party day" at school in appreciation to the students who participated in our school fall fundraiser. I was in charge of bringing the pizza since the local pizza delivery for "B" town [where the school is located] had recently and unexpectedly closed. I am not a procrastinator and as those who have followed me thus far know, I ALWAYS have a list [except on Saturdays] and everything that needs to be done is on said list. Thus yesterday, in good time, I called the local PaPa Pizza in the adjoining town to farm town, where I live. My "Farm Town" exists between Papa Pizza town and "B" town. The manager assures me I may show up at opening, 10:30 a.m. tomorrow [this morning], and that all nine pizzas will be piping hot and ready to go.

So, this is how the day went so far. Wake up, no pre-made coffee because my two cup pot went schitzo and started making coffee at all hours of the night -- regardless, of the set alarm. My day to drive kids and I have to cross three towns to get the juice and pizza in time for the party. No hot breakfast this morning; cheerios, fruit bar, banana, milk. My children are appalled.

Take kids to school, hugs, kisses and all "tucked in," I head back to the house to complete a few important tasks to check off the list on my way to the Papa Pizza town. [Namely, my blog entry and WWC, as yesterday got ahead of me and I didn't get my blog done. Therefore, blog moves up on the list.]

Happy with posts, although not thrilled with WWC pics, I check it off the list and head out. Next, stop by the office and fill ice chest with ice for juice packs. On my way to Papa Pizza town I have to stop in "R" Town at the local little grocery store to purchase 40 said juice packs.

Arrive at Papa Pizza's place and ice down juice packs with 15 minutes to spare...ahhh, get to read my book "The Undomestic Housewife." Notice it seems dark inside Papa Pizza's. Employee pulls up in dark economy car, but does not enter. Finally, manager approaches and unlocks door -- both enter. I put down my book and happily enter the pizza place. I see lots of pizza boxes stacked around, but I do not smell melted cheese, or pepperoni....or even, the smell of yeast.

MANAGER: "Um, I made a big mistake today...." [I'm thinking that's OK because none of us are perfect, so long as it doesn't have to do with NOT having my pizzas] . He continues, "We have to make the bank deposit in "town," [meaning the "big" city in which all of our little towns reside shortly outside of.] "and, I shouldn't have done that first. I should have come in and made your order." YA' THINK? I have 37 small, hungry, children waiting on my arrival with pizza and ice cold juice -- they, NOR their TEACHERS, are going to take kindly to this.

We discuss the options and it is decided that he will immediately begin making the Pizzas while I head 25 minutes back to the school for "crowd/mob control." Meanwhile, he'll send his delivery boy with the pizzas as soon as they are finished -- at no extra charge or fee. [He said that, how gracious of him. He was a nice guy, but still -- he screwed up.]

SCHOOL: Teachers hord their little mobs in their classrooms until the pizza arrives. Pizza arrives and is consumed at exhilerating speeds. My daughter requests to "go home with me." I deny her. She is not thrilled, but I send her to the playground. We parents/teachers clean up and partake in a little idle chit-chat. Parents/teachers head to playground. I load up ice chest with remaining single "juice pack" and tonights dinner [left over pizza.] I peek at the playground feeling guilty that I should go offer additional hugs and kisses to my children -- I load up and leave. It would have been a scene with my daughter and I wanted my "alone" time.

Head home thinking about laundry and chores....and finding this morning interestingly humorous...I debate about blogging it. Walk in at house, place pizza box in utility fridge and notice laundry to be run. While loading washer, I narrate my blog entry to myself in my head.

Still finding myself quite humorous, I start the wash, "sign-on" to begin my blog. First check email and fill with giddiness as I have comments. [smile] And, so be it, with time to spare.



Scottifer said...

I want pizza! Lil Brother set his alarm for 4:45pm instead of am so in the rush forgot lunch in the fridge. =( Guess that's the price you pay right.

MomOf3 said...

My second attempt at leaving a comment...I know how you feel when it comes to taking home a child early from school. I NEVER DO THAT!!! I pay for it so I want to get every cent out of it!

Farmer*swife said...

momof3: Agreed! ;)