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Friday, February 29, 2008

Self Revelation....some quirks about me.

Ill Children are very demanding. In between catering to ill children, I've been pondering my quirkyness. In reading this? I know you will find some things in which you agree: [You don't have to admit it, though ;) ]
  • I don't drink coffee at restaurants (they never clean the lip rim around the mugs; I get the one with the lipstick stain, yuck!).
  • I almost always use a straw and prefer to only drink through a straw. Because a) it's cleaner and safer, b) I don't like the idea of drink splashing in my face, c) [lids with] straws prevent children from spilling your drink.
  • I will drink beer from a bottle without a straw. I will also drink beer from a can. I will drink wine from a wine glass, although, I tend to want to clean it first in public places.
  • I never place my silverware directly on the table (pretty much, anywhere). I feel for Jack Nicholson in "As Good as it Gets" although, I don't think I am quite that bad. (As, I worked in a restaurant as a teen -- I can still recognize the smell of grease trap and stale bleach water).
  • If my silverware touches the table, I ask for new silverware.
  • I can kiss my husband, but I could never use his toothbrush. Or, anyone elses.
  • I don't like to "share" MY toothbrush either. So, please don't ask.
  • I don't really like to share hairbrushes...or any type of brush.
  • I tend to not like to walk "bare foot."
  • Walking on the beach barefoot is kinda' nice but then you have to figure out how to get the sand out from between your toes. I hate sand between my toes [between my anything].
  • I don't believe in "Green" cleaning products. I like the environment, but I also like my chemicals.
  • I don't like to share headphones; particularly, the ear bud type. People's ears, including mine, can get kinda' nasty.
  • It makes me uncomfortable to shake hands. It's a custom so I do it. I just don't like it. [Especially with men. Please don't take offense but I always wonder where the last place your hand(s) were and if you remembered to use "soap" when washing].
  • I don't like using other people's cell phone or home phones. I prefer my own cell.
  • I prefer to drive. (It's a control issue, I think).
  • I don't like loud noises, loud TVs, loud anything -- especially, in the evening.
  • I do like LOUD music, if it's "my" music.
  • I don't like movie theaters. I have to wear ear plugs, and sit on a magazine or something. I might go if I've had some booze first. (Hey, movie theaters are too expensive and nasty).
  • I'm a remote hog. I like to jump my channels and I like to control the volume (shooting and explosions? Volume down. Sexy conversation? Volume UP)
  • I love going to the dentist office; love the feeling right after my teeth have been cleaned.
  • I could NEVER be a hygentist; people's mouths are gross.
  • I don't share make-up. If you insist in barrowing my lipstick? I'll give it to you. I'd feel like I was kissing you and everyone and everything you had kissed, if I used it again.
  • If asked? I'd probably deny half these things but, secretly continue to practice them.
  • I self medicate with beer, and wine, and vodka. It makes me more tolerable to my friends; and all of these things more tolerable by me ;)
  • Oh, there's more...if I really self-evaluate.

It's fun to make fun of ourselves. The irony that makes us, US. You should give it a try. I'd love to hear/read -- what are your quirks?



Ali said...

Nova, you are a hoot. There is NOT one of these things that I am not exactly the same as you. I hate public places in general, except I love anything outdoors. I miss you. Can you guys come and stay the weekend with us?

Farmer*swife said...

AliSo glad to read a comment from you! At least you and I are brave enough to admit to it all [smiley-wink].

Love to come hang out with y'all as soon as there is some free time around here (DH is in the field).

We'll have to look at the calendar and book a weekend [of course, that's what we said last time ;)].

Let's really do it this time!!!

Tricia said...

1. I cannot eat after my kids...germs
2. I do not allow my kids to drink from my cup during meals...they leave floaters
3. When in a restroom or in a waiting room, I pass the time by looking for all the letters of the alphabet (IN ORDER) in the environment. If there are none, I pull out items from my purse, like my disinfectant or checkbook and look for the ABC's on that item. Q is actually appears in the phrase "Questions? Call 1-800-###-####" Z is easy too...the abbreviation for ounce (oz)
4. When on long car trips, I look for all the letters IN ORDER to pass the time. A first, then B, then C, etc... X is the EXIT sign
5. When in pain (like labor) or discomfort (like nausea), I count backwards from 100 to 0
6. I don't like planes...not for fear of crashing, but because there is only ONE bathroom usually and if it is occupied, I cannot use it....accident waiting to happen
7. In restaurants, I have to sit at the seat that faces the exit

Jay said...

I would never share a toothbrush either. Ewww

I also refuse to share a bar of soap. Don't wan the soap that has touched somebody else's bits touching mine.

Farmer*swife said...

tricia So funny! Thanks for bloggin' back Gal. You reminded me -- when ever something is frustrating, time consuming, etc., etc. (like labor) I too count. But, from one until I've gotten through it.

I used to hold my breath and count to a multiple of three, usually in the 20s. That's about as far as I could get, [I think the breath holding was some form of trying to stop the world for a few secs.]

Farmer*swife said...

jay I didn't think about the soap bar. But, I use "body wash" because soap bars get all grimy and grungy.

And, yes, because I too have never liked the idea of rubbing someone else's body all over me -- well, that didn't totally come out right.

Someone's dirty body...I think is what I meant. LOL

R.E.H. said...

The germ warfare yesterday now makes total sense to me. You seem to have a slight touch of "germ-o-phobia", am I right?

I can honestly say that I don't worry about much of what you said here. I wouldn't share my toothbrush with a stranger, for sure, but with my loved one - why not?

Farmer*swife said...

r.e.h. Yes, I do love my DH dearly, but I've seen some of what has been "into" and "chucked out of" his mouth. I just prefer not to brush my teeth with any of those left overs.

And, visa-versa. Although, I don't think it bothers him on the same level. And, yes...I am slowly becoming a dictionary term for "phobia of germs."

I fear nastiness. But, I really am a lot of fun to be around! [um, with beer, LOL]

Krishna said...

Once again, I'm LMAO....I never knew you were so afraid of germs... I do like my hand sanitizer though. I'll share one with ya...I must wash my hair every morning, even if I'm going from the house to get a haircut. I was going crazy in the hospital last year cuz I couldn't wash my hair. So I finally leave the hospital with this external fixator on and stop by the salon to get my hair washed.