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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Farmer*s Wife Saturday Morning Vlog

Howdy Bloggies!
Saturday morning coffee time.  Hope y'all all enjoyed your Friday.  I know I did.  I love Fridays because we get to let go of the fast paced, tight schedule of the rest of the school and work week.
Anyhow, wanted to pop in a little vloggie for ya' to say Hi and all that good stuff.  Would have been around sooner but the school week is tight and once the kiddos get home it's almost impossible to vlog because they loooooove the camera.
I know I probably look like a booze hound by now.  But, I'm not really.  Yes, I like my Shiner Bock, I do like wine; and yes, I like me a vodka tonic now and then -- but, I don't usually like em' all in the same night.
But, it waaaaas Friday night and DH was home instead of in the field until after 10:pm....So, I guess we had ourselves a little party.  Everybody's gotta' take a load off now and then.
Well, with all that said?  I'm off to purchase a leotard and some "french vanilla" coffee creamer cuz' I don't think I can hang much longer with the crapola I bought.  Learned my lesson there.
Happy Saturday!!!!



gary rith said...

FW, hey great report, thanks for sharing! Look at all the puffy clouds behind you.
Oh, peacocks? Men??? I wrote about that today, actually, once I married my wife I went caveman. We all do.
AND THAT MUG!!! Holy cats, I see what you mean. It is big, and yellow and footed like you said. OK, I will see what I can do.
Happy Saturday to you all too.

Knight said...

You crack me up! I don't know why we got screwed with the hair thing either. Not to mention all the makeup! I love that DH follows you around with drinks all night. What a good man! I'm off to make some coffee now. Toodles.

Anonymous said...

You cracked me up about male animals, because YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!
As for me, I'm a rebel, or an animal throwback... because make-up, schmake-up! It's a rare event.

Friday nights are wonderful. After a week of long commutes, Dh is ready for me to pamper him. It's a good thing he accepts it in alcoholic format, because by Friday night, I don't want to cook dinner! I made dh a Gimlet last night, which he drank while manning the grill. He said, "Help, the level has fallen!" so I made him another. Then he was happy all night long.

And we all watched "West Side Story" since MM is playing showtunes this year in Marching Band.

Jay said...

Since I just got my hair cut I'm even faster out the door. I just run a brush through it and put on my San Antonio Spurs hat and I'm off! LOL

Anonymous said...

You are so cute!!! I haven't been over here in a loooong time so I'd never seen one of your vlogs before. I love them. I love your accent, and might I just say that I did not expect you to be that gorgeous!! Especially since you've had so many kids (three, isn't it? Or is it just two?). Anyway, you look GREAT, and I also saw your vodka tonic vlog (one of my FAVORITE drinks by the way), and it cracked me up.

The real reason I came over here was to tell you I put up a new post, but I got sidetracked by your awesomeness! Thanks for taking the time to catch up when you've been away for a while.


gary rith said...

FW--I made a whopping big mug today for you to look at later on....

gary rith said...

Hey are you from Arkansas? So are all my cousins and uncles and aunts: Fordyce and Little Rock.

Farmer*swife said...

grNo Way! My Daddy lives in Kingsland, AK!!! I think I mentioned this to jay once.

They got some wrath from Hurricaine Gustov (is it me that spells the "H" word incorrectly? Or, is my spell check bleepin' out??)

Anonymous said...

hehe, you spell "hurricane" wrong. :) also, "ak" is the state abbreviation for alaska. you are so cute. you crack me up.


gary rith said...

I havn't been to Arkansas in awhile, but yep, dozens of my cousins and such are all there....
maybe I should load up my cooler and have a little visit to Jay and the relatives and then swing by South Texas too....