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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where NO blogger has gone before...we lost gr?

GASP! So, I've been addictively checkin' in at Gary's place as he's been working on my mug (I got a peak via Etsy!  It's FAB-TAB-wonder-ific!!)  Anyhow, Potter's blog has gone where no blogger has gone before.... AWAY!  He's working out a new blog over at wordpress.  Apparently?  3,333 is the max posts and blogger shut him down! Have any of the rest of us [not me] filled our free blogspot or loca'al up?  I commented for gr to come back to us and just make a new pottersblog2.  Not sure if that will work either.'s his new place:  Geeze.  I hate change. For anyone who doesn't know?  Potter man is the brains and talent behind stuff like this:
Yeah.  He totally made that by hand.  From a pile of dirt and water clay, shaped on his spinny-wheelie thing and then kilned, and then painted in glaze, and then kilned again and whaaaa-laaaaaa and TA-DAAAA!
Oh, and no.  I didn't "steal" his artwork.  I asked, I mean -- I'm going to right now!!!!!!



Knight said...

I can't believe they shut him down! I don't like wordpress. Ever since Ne moved over there I don't visit as much because it is harder to read. I already tried to visit Gary but I don't think he has started posting. Noooooooo!!!!

tt said...

thank goodness he didn't end up like Madman!!! that still bothers me.

I got him listed now....can't lose this guy too!!!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

It isn't the 3,333, it is the numbers of pics, actually! I filled up my quota! That's a lot of pics, I guess.....
thanks for your support. Man, you're goofy............

Farmer*swife said...

Goofy? Goofy? I've been called a lot of things? But, I've never been called Goofy!

[John Wayne; edited]

Anonymous said...

Now you've done it, FW! His artwork pics are off to Bollywood. I just know it! ;)