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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And, we are off!

Howdy Peeps!  Bloggies!  Friends!
Thanks for all the sweet and kind and warm thoughts and prayers!  I've got all the fridge and freezer food loaded, kids and my bags packed and loaded, and now?  Time to tuck Macxine in her nice, travel bag!  I'm gonna' have to get her some bling on this thing when all the "Ike" stuff is through.
DH will be back any minute with Farmer, Jr. from picking up stuff for the generator for when we return.  We'll just be gone a few days to wait out the worst.  But, when I get back there probably won't be a satellite or antennae for me to "bloggie from."
I'm going to see how far across Texas I can get heading through LA and into AR.  When it gets dark and scary and the kids start whining I'll hit a hotel pit stop.
Maybe they'll have high speed internet so I can check back once more.  Heaven knows I won't be able to sleep -- riiiiiight, LOL!
Hey jayman?  Do they have Shiner Bock in Arkansas?  If so, I need to tell my Daddy to pick me up a twelve pack cuz' I'll probably need the first six just to come down from the adrenaline and worry.
We'll all be fine though.  Oh, crapville.  Forgot that I better review the map.  Here I am just expecting to hit the gas and end up where I'm s'posed to be.  Well, Bull patties and the stench that goes with it....
Here we go!!!!!  Later Y'all!  
And, Happy Wednesday, Happy Thursday, Happy [Party for Farmer*sWife] Friday!!!!
And, a whole lot more, until I get back.  And, I more seven minute vlogs about my trip to the grocery store.  I watched it later after I came down from the "high" of savings?  Yep.  Lil' borin.  But, it was worth it.
Oooooh!  Maybe I'll Happy Dance again -- bein' so happy to be home....and, have power....and, internet.  Whenever that may be.
Well, better kick it in the pants and hit the road!
Later Gators....



Knight said...

Drive safe and have a good visit with dad!

Jay said...

Drive carefully!

Yes, we have Shiner Bock in Arkansas.

I just saw that they are starting the evacuation orders. I sure hope Ike doesn't get as big as they think it will!

Anonymous said...

Yes, drive safely!! I'm glad you can make the trip to visit your dad.
What are your hubby's parents doing? Don't they live just down the road from y'all (and other relatives there, too)?

I'm so sorry all y'all hare having to go through this. I hope it isn't as bad as they are saying...maybe Ike will wimp out like Gustav and Hanna? It's bad enough to evacuate, but better to do it for "nothing" than not.

Hang in there, Gal! We're thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

How come DH is going with you? I hope Ike doesn't get too bad . . . I have plans to go INTO Texas this weekend . . . maybe I should think about rescheduling . . . Well I hope you get to Arkansas safely!! See you when you get back!


Anonymous said...

I didn't think your vlog was boring at all! I could relate to it. LOL

Have a safe trip! I'm thinking of you. Hope you get to a nice hotel w/ internet access. :)

Jeff B said...

Safe travels to you.

Farmer*swife said...

DH is coming up tomorrow mid day. Boarding up everyone's house, the machines in the barns, spraying the fields so they'll be "put up" before the big drowing rains....and, he's gonna' bring the two big dogs in the back of his truck.

Poor guy. Barely in I think now, almost finished with boarding the windows. And, here I got to drive with kids happily watching a video(s) [happily, thank goodness] and, now I'm all tucked in a big, soft, NEW, bed with Macxine!!!

gary rith said...

Oh man, I'm glad you have a place to go, but it must be terribly hard to leave your house behind! Best wishes!
And vlog anything--you're funny!
(what's that, party at Jay's tonight???????)

Real Live Lesbian said...

Yes, be safe! Hope all goes well.

Knight said...

I hope you are all okay and the house is as you left it!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you & your family...