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Monday, September 1, 2008

What's Cookin' in Farmer*s Wife's Kitchin'!!! (Part 1)

So, it seems that "What's cookin' in Farmer's Wife's kitchen is what won the votes.  There were three or four votes prior to the polls closing -- but kcinnova and fairy flutters and I think tt all voted after the poll closed [FYI?  I kept extending the poll time but it was a quiet weekend.]
So, anyhow.  This is the Labor Day edition and Part 1 of what's cookin' in my kitchen.  Starting out with an appetizer, which is also a side dish with any South Texas grilled meal!  Lil'Gal decided to assist me on this one (she is mesmerized with seein' herself on video or camera, LOL!)
Part two will consist of the main course of pinto beans, beef fajitas and tortillas.  I might, if I have time in the next fifteen minutes while convincing the kids to bathe early -- make some salt pork green beans too....for their vegetable -- as they don't eat salad.  [Oh, they're really gonna' love me, maybe NOT!]
Ha-Ha!  Happy Labor Day and I'll be back soon with part two!!!



gary rith said...

Oh it is so wonderful, well done!!!!!!!!!!! The two of you are so funny!
Looks like you made a bowl full of fire, that was a somewhat hefty serving of jalapenos, I think, good for you!

Farmer*swife said...

Yeah, I think I'm becoming as addicted to the camera as Lil'Gal always has been! LOL!

MMMMM, home made peanut butter cups? FAB! That would be a great recipe for fall -- particularly October? I would think? Especially, if it's healthy and yummy -- if that is possible with chocolate and peanut butter!

Wonder if they could be decorated (simply) into pumpkin peanutbutter cups? hmmmmm. Keep me posted!

tt said...

Aubree is absolutely adorable!!! And, LOVE jalapenos don't ya?! I'd have to cut that ingredient in half I'm thinking...I'm a light weight when it comes to hot foods.
and fyi...i was the second one to vote before the polls closed...I wanted to see you make the vodka it was actually more fun watching the two of you.

Caught myself saying 'chicken biskets' today while in the midst of're such a good influence on me.

Oh and one more celantro what gives foods that funny dish soap taste?? I don't know any other way to describe it other than that?? Perhaps if too much is added??? Just curious.

Looking forward to part 2 :)

Farmer*swife said...

yeah, it is easy to over do cilantro! And, maybe, it wasn't rinsed well enough? Hmmmm. It has a different, less intense flavor but more boulliont (is that a word) when cooked into a recipe.

Can't live without it down here, though.

Oh, and I'm still doing the "Vodka Tonic" vlog -- just for you Gal! ;-)

Anonymous said...

That girl is sooo cute! How old is she? Love her long hair and glasses. Stinkin' cute!

Your fingers are incredibly long! I just happened to notice. ;)

I think I'd have to tone down the japs or i'd burn my tongue up but it sure sounds yummy!

Farmer*swife said...

Little Gal is five! Going on 15, and no, I'm not kidding.
We do the round and round and boy can she hang...

ff Be sure to check out their "Giveaways" section! If you haven't already. You just follow the link and enter the appropriate subject on the subject line and you can win FREE! Cool! Stuff!!

[Fingers, yeah -- Gramm always thought I'd be good at piano. I was good at playing once I learned -- but, I'm not real keen on hearing and reading music. Sigh.]


Farmer*swife said...

Oh, thanks for the comments and keeping up with me, y'all! Makes bloggie world all the more fun!

Y'all rock!

Anonymous said...

GIRL!! I am here and that lil one of your is precious!!!!!

Avocado eh??? LOL!!!

Luv ya gal!!


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Anonymous said...

Avocado? I didn't know that went into pico de gallo! But then, I didn't know Italian dressing went in, either. (good gracious, not enough jalepeno?!?)

Lil'Gal is so cute! :)

BTW, friends brought over stuffed jalepenos yesterday: first they grew them, then prepped them, then filled them with cheese, then grilled them...and oh, YUM!!! They were GOOD.

Farmer*swife said...

kcinnova most people don't put in avacado or Italian dressing. The typical recipe is onion, jalapeno, tomato and cilantro.

But, I like to add the diced avacado (makes it yummy!) and the italian just gives it a little extra zip!

Knight said...

Wow that sounds good! I love the little ham assistant. She is so cute and clearly loves being on camera!