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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Knowledge is Everywhere....

Kids came home from school today and began working on a little homework (lessons re-inforcement) while I reviewed their previous and graded work.  Guess what I learned?
K comes before i and e;
C comes before the other three:  a, o, u.
Now surely I learned this in grade school?  But, it seems I forgot that little tidbit of a rule.  I just always spelled how I guess I'd memorized it.  I've always been an excellent speller until the last year or so.  I find myself often going to the spell check; and, sometimes I argue with it.
I haven't typically had trouble [that I am aware] spelling with C and K...but, it is very possible that I have mispelled a time or two.  Had I remembered been aware of this little rule?  I'd have gotten it correct.
I do remember, "i before e, except after c."  And, then there is that little part that goes, "except after a as in neighbor and weigh."  Or, um, something like that.
Oh, the other thing they are working on right now?  The long and short vowels.  So they have to strike the unheard vowels and put the little "u" above the short vowels.  Oh, and they are working on plurals and apostrophes in the first grade!  
Farmer, Jr. gets frustrated because "they don't teach us to drive things" in school.  He wants to be learning how to run the tractors, plows, and the High-Boy [spray machine, Rogator].  I explain to him that he has to learn this stuff first in order to be educated enough to read tractor manuals and to calculate percentages and ratios for chemicals for the High-Boy.
He still believes otherwise.  Oh, to be a child again.  Of course, I always loved school.
Lil'Gal is excelling in school and she doesn't seem to get so frustrated.  Which is kinda' odd as Farmer, Jr. is usually the patient one and she is usually all about attitude and emotion. Homework time with Farmer, Jr. is very frustrating.  He kinda' thinks he "knows it all."  And, often disagrees with the instructions or the correct answer.
[And, I don't want to hear anyone say that it sounds like he's like his Mama....and you know who you are, if you're thinkin' that.  :-D]
Knowledge is the power to open doors.  Education and good parenting are the keys.  Patience is the "graphite" that keeps the lock working smoothly.  I need lots of graphite.  ;-)
Happy Wednesday Ramblings and Happy Learning!



Lis Garrett said...

Oh, how I LOVE that last bit! What a clever saying. :-)

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks lis! I made it up. Feel free to steal it and use it though!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Haha Cute post. And I love the metaphor! Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

I so agree w/ you on the education and knowledge stuff. It's another goal of mine to raise SMART women. ;) Can't beat intelligence in my opinion!

tt said...'s and example of just how slow my grape is today...I was going through the alphabet a,b,c,d,e, remind myself just where 'K' was in there....ha ha ha. Good Grief!!! I never remember learning that...I'll have to ask my urchins if they remember. Of course then I had to think up words and spell them to myself. pfft......

My heart is having a clap fest in your honor!!! You, my dear one, are what the world needs more of!! The pride you take in raising your youngins is very heart warming.
You and FF....keep it up!!