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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Winner Is? BLOGGIES!!!

Well, I bowed out of going to see Sweet D.  Not because I didn't want to go, but it's so far where she is today (house sitting for another friend).  And, I was just too lazy to spend the rest of this beautiful afternoon loading up kids, snacks, swim suits, and such.
Only, to have to do the same for the return trip home -- right after I'd kicked back to relax with Sweet D for awhile.  [She's hanging out by the pool.  I know.  What is wrong with me?]
Anyhow, she kindly let me off the hook and we agreed to make an "appointment" so that nothing would come up and replace our visit next week!  Just me and her while the kiddos are in school.
NOW.  On to what you all are really here to find out.  WHO WON!???
Watch and find out for yourself: I was so excited about the drawing?  And, yet slightly dis-heartened because I knew not everyone would win. :-(  So, if you want to email your address to me I will still put a little tiny sumthin' to send to you.  Afterall, EVERYONE likes gettin' goodies in the mail!
Happy Winners!  Y'all email me your info!  I've set up an email dedicated just to my bloggies! [Makes my life easier and more organized and now y'all don't get mixed up with the coupon emails and all my other reader stuff!]
Oops, left out the email:  Now y'all all know where to find me!
Happy Day!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


Farmer*swife said...

I know! You and kc had the most entries. ff had one; she had misconstrued that she could comment additionally for more chances.

A couple others commented only once. Either way? It just goes to show? There are odds but it really is up to the luck of the draw!

Oh, and I'll share your thankful excitement with Lil'Gal! She, after all, drew the winning slips!

Happy Friday!!

Baseball Mom said...

Congrats pb & ff. FW your DD is the cutiest!! Happy Friday!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that is so cool! I won!!! I never win *anything*!


I'm so excited! Thanks FW & Lil Gal! She sure is cute. :)

Yay!!! Woo hoo!

You know I am one of your biggest fans, right? LOL - You'd been reading and commenting on my blog for awhile but I finally found you through tt's blog. :D

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS Winners! I am so happy for yall! and farmerwife that was so fun!!

I really enjoyed this!!
OMGOSH! your daughter is sooooo adorable!!!!!!!! LOVE HER!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

It is true, I did stuff the box....

Knight said...

Congrats FF AND GRPB! See Gary? All that flattery and good karma is helping your luck!

That blown kiss from lil'gal was precious. She is seriously the cutest thing ever.

tt said...

That was so fun and lil gal just swept me off my feet...she is sooooo cute!! Chompin' her gum and getting all smiley...adorable to the max!!!!
Yay for FF and GR too! Somehow I just knew Gary would win. He put's his mojo in everything he does. Two fabulous people!!!!!!
Ok...I'm read for the next one. Of course I'll let you catch a breath first....
Happy weekend gal!

Tink said...

Duuuude. I can't believe I missed this! I need to get on the ball. I lurve free stuff. ;)