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Friday, September 19, 2008

Vlog: Update on DH Birthday, Friday and Shiner Bock Talk

So, some were wondering about how the "Birthday went." I thought I'd share. And, everyone knows I LOVE Fridays! Cuz' that's my one full night off!! CCD starts on Sunday and I teach the youngest of the youngins'. It really is fun though. So, as of now? Friday nights and Saturday mornings are my only downtime until holiday weekends and/or summer. Oh, I threw in a little about Shiner Bock as me and my bigger Lil' Bro discussed it while in AR and, well. Watch on. Here's a little vloggie as y'all ALL KNOW how much ya' missed me! Anyways. I'm gonna' watch Farmer, Jr. impress us with his new bicycle skills and Lil'Gal will probably speed up behind him on her "three wheeler" trike! LOL! We'll watch the sunset. We'll fight, argue, whine, flip and/or eenie-meenie-miny-moe choose a video for the night and POP some popcorn! Then, I might give DH his "other" B-day present. Cuz' he's so great and deserving. But, you won't hear a re-cap about that one. Some things are better kept within' the castle! LOL!! Happy Friday Y'all!!!


gary rith said...

Your hands and all those rings crack me up!
You're a natural vlogger.....

gary rith said...

Oh, and you're right FW--my wife HATES EVERYTHING about the way I do laundry. I do all mixed colors and whites on cold, don't dry them right, then dump the heap on my desk and just start using the stuff on top. If I was more careful about it, I would either
a) not be a GUY or
b) be a gay guy, because they're supposed to worry about these things, and I DON'T
Its clean clothing at least!

tt said...

Just what I needed after a long week! A nice little FW report. Woohoo...all is right in my world. :)

i actually had me a margarita this evening, so I'd best go for now...It's taken me 5 minutes to type this...and the bkspace key is my bestest friend rihgt now. ha
but i had to see if you and maxine hjad a get togehter. woohoo again.

happy satruday gal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I luv ya, girl, and I've never even met you.

Go look at the moon. It's really cool tonight. :)

"I see the moon and the moon sees me, the moon sees someone I'd like to see so God bless the moon and God bless me and God bless the someone I'd like to see!"

*blows you a kiss* You're such a fun blog to read and watch! :D

Jay said...

Love the hangover glasses. LOL

Shiner Bock rules!

Their Heffewiezen is really great too.

Farmer*swife said...

jay, I wasn't hangin'. Did I look like it? I tried to vlog without the glasses but it was toooo bright on the back porch!

So I figured the glasses were better than squinting the whole time -- adding to my crows feet ;-)

gary rith said...

FW--your mug is cooking now, and if the kiln behaves I can see it and picture it Monday eve! BTW--there is a small secret and will be clear to you when you receive the mug....

Anonymous said...

FINALLY had time to watch your vlog! Wish I had time for good ol' Shiner Bock, but I was in the throes of preparing for our big marching band event. Left the house at 7:40am on Saturday and didn't return until dh packed me up in the van with the leftover supplies at 6:15pm. This is the first time I've touched the computer since Friday at midnight! Now off to edit/put together a newsletter...

I hope, I hope, I hope you finally got to give your Dh his birthday present! ;)