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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Any Given Bedtime....

It was just past eight thirty as she tucked them in, again.
"I'm so sleepy," she muttered, "but it's still early." she said.
Please six in the morning, don't come too soon,
she thought, as she secretly hoped no one entered her room.
The children snuck out once more, another hug and a kiss.
She needed some time alone; though, their love is such bliss.
Again, small little feet tiptoe with such grace and ease.
And, into her room she hears them slowly creep.
"Maybe if I don't notice their coming,
they'll slip back to their rooms?" she secretly thinks.
"What are you doing in here?" She gasped!
"Mama?  Come snuggle with me, please?"  His little voice asked.
As, she trodded him ever so gently down the hall...
she soon heard the little one also call.
"What about me, Mama!  Please sleep with me too?
I get scared, and get lonely, sleeping without you."
Tomorrow is yet, another full day for them all.
But life wouldn't be so full without their sweet bedtime calls.
-- Farmer*sWife
Yeah, so I still have the little one's peepin' and peeking in with any excuse.  "I need cold water?"  "My eye hurts and I need some drops."  At this very moment I feel the eyes in the back of my head scanning the darkness beside me for the cause of the sound that is sneakily hoping to slither into bed next to me to snuggle to sleep. 
Kids.  They are so fantastically wonderful.  I have to say?  Out of any hug or any kiss on the cheek? Or, any hug or kiss, period.  The sweet loving hugs and kisses of a little person -- who, has their whole universe wrapped up in the unit that is "You?"  Is better than butterfly tickles leaving sprinkles of gold dust on your cheek.
And, my ears and eyes "in the back of my head" did not fail me.  I coerced the little person to come on in....he jumps into his Daddy's side of the bed and pretends he's not there.  Knowing, that sleep will come shortly and Mama and/or Daddy will carry his peaceful, sleeping body and mind back to his own room -- when it is time.
Happy Sunday Night!



Mrs. G. said...

Yes, I remember these sweet days-even when they didn't seem so sweet.

Dianne said...

Happy Sunday Night

This was so sweet and touching, I remember those nights.

Anonymous said...

Aw what a sweet image. You make motherhood sound wonderful . . . even to someone who detests the idea of having children! :)


Jay said...

I kids are alright, I guess, if you like that sort of thing. ;-)

Anonymous said...'s just like in the book, Love You Forever. At nighttime they are oh-so-sweet.

My 12yo came downstairs an hour ago to give me a goodnight kiss, because mom "forgot to tuck me in."

It truly doesn't last forever, so enjoy it as long as it does!

gary rith said...

Oh! Glad you wrote all that. Like Diane said, sweet and touching.

tt said...

We had our lil grandgirl stay the night Saturday...she did that whole run to our room thing when the thunderboomers hit! I'd forgotten how cramped it gets when a wee sprout is in the bed with us. and, of course I did it all wrong. I let her crawl in on my side which put me in the middle! Not a good place to be. I got squished!
Cute poem gal! You're so talented.

Oh...btw, I showed Lovee how Farmer*s wife makes a Vodka Tonic....He totally cracked up!
Yep...that's how we started our day.

gary rith said...

mug for you to have a look at over at potsblog, thanks!

Knight said...

This was so sweet. I can't imagine what that must be like.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! I can relate. :) Cate has night terrors. Emma sleeps in the floor instead of her nice comfy bed. Neither, however, sleep w/ us. If they come in our bed, they just think it's playtime.

You are a great mommy! :)

Chatty said...

A lovely post - thank you. I especially love "butterfly tickles leaving sprinkles of gold dust on your cheek".
Beautiful stuff.