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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Super Freak -- You can't touch this!!!!

I used the words "Super Freak."  About, five minutes ago.  And, it is now stuck in my head.  Maybe I should go back to knights place and listen to "Put the Lotion in the Bucket" again...or, Jonas Brothers for the third time today.
Thought I'd share:
And, here's one more.  Just for the "thang" of it!
Happy Freakin'!!
[Don't Touch That!]


Jay said...

Oh man, Super Freak? That's going way back!

Anonymous said...

LOL, this is some good stuff! Takes me back!

Thanks for your comment btw. You're right. :)

Jeff B said...

Oh great, now that's gonna be stuck in my noodle too.

Missed you for the writing challenge this month. Hope you can make it for October.

Anonymous said...

I'm still stuck on your latest saying up toward the top of your page.
Were you in a cleaning frenzy at the time?? ;)
I can see me saying that while I scrub the boys' bathroom floor...esp. around the toilet. Bah!! They don't even SEE the mess. But they sure as heck MAKE the mess.

Dianne said...

she's super freakin' out!

love that!!

and I had Hammer pants, they really hide your thighs ;)

Knight said...

Love these ! Two of my faves.

gary rith said...

Rock on, Farmer's wife, Rock on.