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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WWC: Moody and Bright

Squeezin' this in a.s.a.p.!
Lil'Gal was moody yesterday and had a tantrum.  Some might say shame on me for putting this up here.  But, I'm willing to take the heat from her when she is older.  Besides, when she's older she'll get a kick out of it -- cuz' she's got a great personality!
Besides, it's my blog and My Lil'Gal and I love her, even when she is moody.  We all get MOODY from time to time.
Bright, beautiful sunrise!
Happy WWC and Happy Tuesday!  [Stop in at Potter's Place and drop a joke in his comments.  It might win ya' sumthin'!!!!!]



Tink said...

I can't believe she let you take that picture NOW. I tried to take a picture of my nephew (he's four) having a tantrum and chased me around the house trying to get the camera. Lol.

gary rith said...

The funny thing is, when she was cooking with you in the video? She was such an angel!!!! A real charmer.
I am glad you have a nice and reasonable perspective on things, not upset about the ups and downs, which reminds me of something I havn't thought of in awhile, but you're the glasshalffullgal alright!
And I hope your corner of Texas stays dry! Eeek!
AND, you and KC esp. have been so nice with all the funny jokes all day!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the bright & beautiful sunrise! It's making me happy as I head off to bed tonight. It's been a long and a bit rough of a day. I can *so* empathize with Lil'Gal tonight. (Can't spell worth beans, but y'know what I mean, right?)

OFf to swipe through the kitchen, shower, and snuggle into bed...until 4:45am. ZZZZZZzzzzzz

g-man said...

LOL I have tantrum video that is a complete hoot. I was laughing so hard that the camera shakes.

Excellent pictures!

gary rith said...

Wait, where di comments go up above?
Thanks for MORE vlogs!!!!

Chatty said...

that's the cutest picture of a tantrum I ever saw - those curls! That perfect little nose - those eyes squeezed shut...too cute. I'm sure she'll forgive you when she's older - she looks better having a tantrum than a lot of kids I've seen at WalMart (etc.) when they were smiling!