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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spam Me Baby! And, 200th Post!

Well, it was just a matter of time.  I got spammed last night.  But, apparently, it's all poems and songs or something -- seems harmless.  So, I'm not going to chase the comments around five or six posts to delete them.
I'm a little confused though?  As, I do have the word verification thingie "on" so hmmmm, who knows.  If y'all have any other tips to help prevent this -- please do share.
Apology:  tt of "Paint and Spackle" waited up late to see part 2 of "What's Cookin' in Farmer*s Wife's Kitchen!"  I think she was waiting for the promised "Vodka Tonic."  But, it got late and I was IM'ing while making kids lunches, and creamin' my face for the, I didn't get it there.
I promise tonight I will do a dessert vlog which will include how "I," Farmer*s Wife, make a Vodka Tonic.  I know there isn't much to it.  But, if I make it?  Then, I get to drink it. ;-D
And, a promise IS a promise!  So, I'll be back with that and probably a Farmer*s Wife report on "Inconsiderate Drivers."  (Yeah, I met me one or two of those today.)
Oh, FYI?  This my 200th post!  Wow!  That 100 just flew by.  Have I kept my promise and been a better, wittier, more interesting and entertaining Bloggie?  Sure hope so!
Happy Tuesday and WWC!!!  (Oops, where is mine?)



Anonymous said...

Happy 200th!

And it's "bright and moody" today, Gal. I'm sure you can slip a WWC in there for us, right? ;)

Farmer*swife said...

I'm hoping! I promised myself as soon as the kids got back in school. I've got the pics, just need to get them in the computer!

Knight said...

HAPPY 200!!!

tt said...

Wow...happy anniversary of 200!!!! You totally rock. I can't believe I waited this long to find you!!!!

and no worries....I get up during the night sometimes too....I can watch you any ol time....k? Can't wait to see you 'test' the vodka and tonic tho....that should be fun.
i gotta make your Pico too...yummy!!
Can't help you on the spam thing. sorry. i thought those hideous word verification things that I hate so that. I'm confused too.

Gotta go...there's a 7&7 callin me.
Have a happy hump day. ha

gary rith said...

You are a FANTASTIC blogger.
Congrats on 200!
And I have always loved Pink Panther too.

Chatty said...

Sorry about the spam - I know all about that - glad it wasn't malicious.

And, Congratulations! Here's to 200 more!

I have some thoughts on inconsiderate drivers, too - how about the ones that slow down to a crawl about 1/2 mile before making a simple RIGHT TURN their LIFE'S WORK? And the other batch, who swing into the RIGHT lane to heave it around to make a LEFT turn?