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Friday, September 19, 2008

Confessions of a Housewife

* I like to fold things.  I obsess about folding.  Towels and cup towels are my favorite.  Dish Clothes and wash clothes are nice too.  Sheets are grand.  Except for fitted sheets. 
* I've finally figured out how to fix them so they fold with nice sharp corners.  Manufactures need to place the elastic (a large band) within the seem of the actual perpendicular corner of the sheet.  The part that fits at the corner of the mattress from top to bottom.  It would stretch and also fold into a nice, tight, sharp corner. ;-)
* Folded towels must be stacked end vs. end.  Or, the seam from folding must go on the bottom.  And, alternated from left to right (ie:  towel 1 open seam is on the bottom left side of the folded towel.  towel 2 placed on top of towel 1 has it's open seam on the bottom and right side of the folded towel.)  This results in perfectly stacked towels that don't fall over each other in the cabinets.
* By NO MEANS, is a towel folded into a square (ie: folded in half, and then back in half).  This is not acceptable to me.  I refolded a third of the towels at my Dad's in AR while everyone else was resting.  I was bored, ancy, and the towels in that cabinet bothered me.  I also refolded all the cup towels and re-organized that drawer.  They were folded into squares. :-(
* I love the smell of pine-sol.  I don't need lemon scented or spring fresh.  Regular old "Pine-Sol" works for me.  If it weren't that I think it might somehow be unhealthy?  I'd sniff it.  Straight from the bottle.  But, like I said.  That sounds unhealthy and, weird.
* I dislike cleaning bathtubs.  I love a clean bath tub (especially mine).  But, something about having to climb in there and scrub it all down and then scrub the floor of the tub is distasteful to me.  But, I do it.  Because, well, I like clean tubs.
* When making a sandwich, I am very particular about spreading peanut butter or other condiments completely to the entire edges of the piece of bread.   Kind of like frosting the slice.  Not thick?  But, guaranteed full coverage.  DH slaps on some miracle whip and leaves a lot of bread exposed.  Yuck!!!
* I think the word sandwich should really be spelled with an additional "h".  ie:  Sandwhich.  Because when said, that "h" is somehow phonetically heard in that word.
* I like all my ducks in a row.  I don't have any ducks.  But, if I did?  They'd be all lined a row.
* I don't like to walk bare foot.  Even, on my own [clean] floors.  I prefer to wear socks or a shoe/sandal.
* Oh, and I NEVER walk bare foot in a hotel room.  The carpet is all sticky feeling and nasty.  Sure, they vacuum?  But, how often do they steam clean those, I'm thinking NEVER.  Nasty.  Hotel room carpets are n-a-s-t-y.  Think about the fungus feet and other funk that finds it's way there.  {{shiver}}
* I don't like carpet.  It's soft and pretty and comfortable....but, personally I don't like it.  I have issues with all the contaminants it can hide.  We don't have carpet in our new house. Except in the stairwell to the playroom.  And, that -- was against my will.  [I also hate to vacuum.]
* I really enjoy dusting things.
* I enjoy cleaning mirrors and windows.  I tried to clean the windows at the old house once.  They are three paned glass so that is six panes (inside and outside) to clean.  They didn't seal very well so after I cleaned them?  They were full of dust and dirt again, almost immediately. But, in my castle?  I enjoy cleaning all 19.  Inside AND outside.
* I read magazines from back to front.  I flip through each page first.  Then, I go back and read the articles....out of order.  And, from the one in the back to the one in the front.  I feel a little sorry for the poor article that got stuck in the back and often won't get read....



tt said...

I'm in complete agreement with ya on the towel thing. Seriously. I, too,have been known to refold a towel or two...much to my firends

Carpeting however..I love. WEll, when it's new I love it. After the dogs 'christen it...not so much. ;)ha ha

and I'm a barefoot gal to feel 'cold' on my feet. but I never even thought about hotel carpets...that one makes me gag. I'll have to rethink this one.

you came through for me again...gave me my chuckle for the day.

Farmer*swife said...

tt. Oops, I edited, possibly after you read me. I realized a left a few things out!!! Glad I gave ya' a chuckle! Makin' someone laugh always lifts me up!!!

gary rith said...

huh...I was just dumping the clean laundry into a big wrinkly pile, can't say folding is one of MY obsessions---
my fsvorite household cleaner smell? WINDEX! I use it for EVERYTHING. It makes me so happy.
hey, getting close to cocktail hour.....

Farmer*swife said...

Gary! [Gasp!!!!] You don't fold??? Anything? And, the Mrs. let's you get away with that????

Geeze. I'm getting anxious just thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

I heart Pine-sol as well! I hate carpet but we have it.

19 windows! Good lord i'm jealous! We have . . . thinks. . counts . . . 10 and a door w/ a window. - 4 in the basement. Can't say I like cleaning them. I do like them clean though. LOL

I trifold my towels. I call it the patented trifold trifold technique. It was passed down to me from my grandmother. LOL

Anonymous said...

Would you please come move in with me for a while and whip my house into shape?! I need you!!


gary rith said...

FW--well, yes, it is true: I am the worst house husband on earth, but I make up for it with charm and yummy food.
And even worse: that wrinkly pile of clean clothing? I just pull my outfits off the top. I have no idea what is in my closet or drawers....

tt said...

I'm thinking Gary would drive me nucking futs with the laundry stuff....fact...lovee used to do that,,,,trying to be all helpfull and stuff....I finally told him I'd rather do it my self, but thanks just the same. lol He's great at everything else though.
Gary...whoa guy....go ahead...try just a fold or two...maybe y'll like it??

Anonymous said...

I wish you could give my the cleaning bug/love that you have, I hate to clean. I have tried the flylady and just don't seem to want to try to be a flybaby...can you help me?--Lollie

Harry said...

Loved the list. I saw *so* many things I do -- I always have the towels in thirds, and a neat stack in the cabinet I use, love Pine Sol (but I have been leaning toward green lately). The one that sent me over the Twilight Zone edge is how you read magazines. I have a big tendency to flip and open, or start from the rear. I do the same thing with books! Anyway, great post -- and was happy to hear the twice baked potatoes made it into the birthday menu. :-)