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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I'm not big on a lot of this type of sugary, gooey stuff for breakfast.  I think it'd make a better fit for dessert or a snack -- when the kids can still burn it off.
But, along with all the coupon sites, and manufacturers I've signed up with [thanks to] I received an invitation to join a program with General Mills called "Pssst."
They send me coupons and freebies.  I then try the product, eventually will be requested to review it (on their blog) and then I get more freebies and cheapies.  Previously, I received an email that allowed me to print a $1.00 off coupon to try these things.  I was also allowed to email it.
Today?  I received $10.00 off in coupons for this product!  (That's ten $1.00 coupons!)  Plus a voucher for any 'one' can of Pillsbury Sweet Rolls, Grands, Min-Bites or Flaky Twists -- a value up to $4.39!  And, this just the first product I get to review!
Pretty cool, I thought!  So, maybe go and check out -- and see if you can join the fun (and freebies) too!
Happy Savings!



Jay said...

Chocolate icing?? Oh I'm there!

I never have those things for breakfast though. I usually have them as dessert.

Anonymous said...

The first time I tried to sign up they said they were sorry but I wasn't what they were looking for. LOL I used a different e-mail address and changed my answers and now I'm in like Flynn! Ha ha ha!

I am drooling over the flaky twists. YUM!!!

Anonymous said...

I might just need to try that. I agree, it's more like snack food, but I am feeding 4 hungry boys around here!!
This morning I mixed up some Cinnabon muffin mix that I'd picked up at Costco a while back. It can be hard to use up a 3-pk!! The kids were happy to have a little something special with their scrambled eggs and cereal (the oldest had a half-cup of milky coffee, too, since he was soooo sleepy). You don't have to use up all the icing, BTW. With the muffin mix, I just drizzled a tiny bit for effect. I figure the rest could be used to make little graham cracker sandwiches or something.

I'll try to sign up for that program. I hear thunder rolling outside, so I might have to abort that mission for the sake of safety, though!!