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Monday, September 22, 2008


I had a dream last night about visiting in Australia. Only there were no kangaroos or elephants. It was a big metropolis and we had to drive on the wrong side of the road and you had to turn left everywhere and then circle back around to get where you were going. Um, what on earth does that mean? I don't know. I do remember this hot guy making eyes at me (I think he's the same guy from Taylor Swift's video I blogged yesterday -- um, time to change that image and tune.) So, [limited in time] I was unable to embed this directly to my blog. Peeved me. Anyhow, click the link and ride into your Monday on this great song and video. Not that I'm all about the music lately. But, waking with Taylor singing in my head again this morning? I decided it was time to break out the"King" and build me a new tune to obsess to! (click here) Well crapville. Screw the d@mn click link and just cut and paste it. I sware. I try to be nice and make things easy -- but, YouTube won't cooperate with this video -- "Cuz' embedding has been disabled by request." Chicken Biskets! Don't rob yourself of this little ride!! Happy Monday! I'm off to my "out of house" duties!!


tt said...

'out of house duties'...I'll have to remember that.
Lovee is off to Lowes to do that very thing. Well sorta....more stuff for another of his

I'll have to watch the video later. Right now I've gotta go scrape some gook off the floor..yep...still tiling!
happy Monday sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl - the applesauce contains NO sugar other than what's already present in the apples. :D They were red delicious and very sweet and juicy all on their own.

Hope you had a good morning! I hate crazy dreams and am not good at deciphering their meanings. LOL

Jay said...

What's the deal with the no embedding allowed? What's the point. They're just making it harder for people to hear their music. Losers.

Farmer*swife said...

jay, I know, right? I had trouble with the Love Song too -- but, it is new and the CD hasn't been released yet. After reviewing multiple videos I found one I could embed.

I think they are more tight with George? Not sure. But, this is a new video off his newest CD. I could only find about four or five different videos and all said "embedding has bee disabled by request." BLEEEP!

At least I got the link ;-D